Monday, September 26, 2005

The painful art of denistry

Hey Kids

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good dentist here in Toronto. Since I am setting up shop I kind of need one.

Friday, September 23, 2005

How to turn your crash pad into a castle

So I have actually started to make friends here at work, which is too bad since I am leaving in a week today. Sigh.
But this is a different story, this is one that relays why it is that I can not stay here and why the people here have no social skills.
I forgot to hand in my time sheet yesterday, I know, I know, all that whining about nothing to do and being bored and I forgot the main reason I am here - the money.
So I got to work and realised that the individual who approves my hours probably won't come in today and that I am fucked!
So I went to my in lieu supervisor and asked her what to do. This woman is not pleasant and she basically said, too bad. I got annoyed.
Then she found me and told me that B could sign it. Yeah, I get to bring two of my friends!
So I went to find B as he was trying to locate me. Now B sits diagonally across from me and I have never seen that section of the office. I am sure that it is just as ugly and cubicly as mine, but still, I had been looking for an excuse to see it.
When I ran into B I made the comment that I wanted to see his cubicle.
No B is really dull in my opinion, looks dull, talks in a monotone voice. He kind of looks like the boss from The Incredibles. But he is the only other gay man I know in the office so I have been wanting to make friends with him.
So B said - its the same as yours. But I said, it sounds so much more exciting over there - you know the grass is always greener!
And he looked at me like I was completely nuts! I am not talking a sutble glance, I am taking full out "Damn! You crazy!" eyes at me. He so did not get my joke. And now I am convinced he thinks i am a psycho.
Well lucky me that I am leaving.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

I have the most boring job in the world. I thought that driving a tractor and rake around a field of hay at 5rpm was dull but this takes the cake. In fact yesterday I was indexing an agricultural journal and found myself being nostalgic for the farm. That was when I decided that yes indeed i am very happy to be leaving this job.
Also this place has a weird policy that you have to finish a journal before you are allowed to log off. Well sometimes you only have half an hour to go in your day and you know damn well that starting another journals is gonna take at least an hour if not an hour and a half, and who wants to be here that long? Not me.
So right now I am killing time before I have to leave. I could index something but today I have to see my therapist and no way in hell do I want to be late for that. I was late for our first two sessions and I got the impression that she thought I was not taking the process seriously and so the other time I was late, like 3 months after that I felt that guilt and I don't want her to make a note of my tardiness (I doubt she really does that, but sometime my imagination runs away with itself - kind of like the cow and the spoon).
So I could index (oh yes this is exciting) Canadian Stamp news, or Canadian Coin Collectors new, or homemakers: living the life you want, or I could just kill some more time. I am gonna go with the whole time killing thing.
Earlier today I had to index a Canadian military journal, holy propaganda Batman. I hated doing it, but as an information professional I am trying to be unbiased in my views of the information needs/wants of others. But I do want to make fun of them.

In other news, I got my official letter of job offer from TPL and my first email from my new supervisor (Yeah, I can bring two of my friends). I then emailed my new supervisor to ask her what the dress code was. Get this - TPL has no official dress code. I can wear whatever i want (I am sure that is within reason, but still) la la la la.


Friday, September 16, 2005

Did you lop it? Or toss it? - I don't know ! I'm a homo! I just throwed it!


I got offered the position at toronto public and I have accepted. Sweet! So I have to give notice at proquest and I start in two weeks time. I am so super excited about this. It is a full time gig, contact but the women assured me that it would definitly lead to permanent. La la la la la.
I am so happy and proud of me.
I feel bad about Vaughn, but what can you do? This is full time and requires no big long commute. Sigh.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Digital Penetration

Soooooooooooo . . .
I had a screening interview with Toronto Public library last week. Now they want to "talk" to me about a full time contract position with them.
Hmmm, I am gonna call and see about the details, and maybe go for an interview if that is what they want.
But I think it is weird that I am so damn popular all of a sudden, all summer long I worried about getting a job and now it seems that I am going to have more employment oppurtunities than I will know what to do with. Sigh.
It feels good to know that I am popular cause of me and my skills. That is nice.
I guess we will see what happens.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Houdini Blues

I went to Bradford this past weekend to visit my friend Aurelia. I have not seen her since June and we have not had a proper visit in over a year so I felt that this was important for me to do, plus is got me out of the house and made me face my fear of doing stuff I have never done before (aka: take the go bus to Bradford - scary I know)
Anyways I have a friend who lives in Bradford who I also wanted to see, so we invited him over for dinner.
Fine, great, all was well on the Bradford front.
We had a wonderful dinner, with a cheesecake that I had made for desert. We sipped our wine and talked and laughed and it was wonderful.
Then it was sprung on me that Aurelia had bought a raffle ticket to the Lion's Club Beef Dinner. Whooo Hoooo (that is dripping with sarcasm)
Now, I don't know about you but I hate these kinds of things. First off I hate them cause my parents used to make me go to them, secondly I hate them because it is like stepping into a weird version of the twilight zone where you have the Stepford Community and everyone behaves like robots. I hate that. I hate that it is an arena (yes on my first visit I had to go check out the arena) filled with couples who all look and behave the same. I hate that all the teens look the same (I am assuming that the little punks like me found a way to get out of it, or were hiding in some locale that I was yet unawares of) and all behave the same and I hate the fact that I was there.
We walked in, had no intention of eating and as soon as we saw the food had even less intention. I am not really turned on by coleslaw in a great big huge tin tray served to me by either A) some incredibly eager 8 year old who has no idea that there is life outside Bradford, or B) some older woman in a turquoise sweater set who very obviously looked me up and down and then scowled at me. So no food for us. We wandered around, looked at all the raffle prizes, I caught so many people (by people I mean men) staring at Aurelia and then giving me dirty looks for holding her hand (yeah, thats right boys - back off! Shes mine! No fresh meat for you) and so I became defensive and started giving them looks right back. Well, you know when in Rome . . .

So anyways we wandered around, got stared at, got given unapproving looks, didn't eat, the only people who talked to us were drunk, and then we left. I say it took about ten minutes tops.
The thing that really bugs me about this is that I was doing the same thing to them, that they were doing to me. I was making assumptions about the group instead of dealing with them on an individual basis. I felt so boxed in by them. I felt like I was 15 again and that I had no place to go to that was my own. I felt like they were all judging me. And I am sure some of them were, but in retrospect I am thinking that the looking was more because they had never seen Aurelia and I before.
So I apologize to Bradford. I boxed them in, and in return I boxed myself in. They say you can not go home, but apparently you can. I guess the problem with that old adage is that home just moves from one small commmunity to another. Sheesh!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Something I've never done before

In a few days, I'm going to be doing something I've never done before. I'm a little nervous about it, but a lot excited about it.

I'm going to be participating in a 2-day, 60km fundraising walk for breast cancer research and treatment.

I'm nervous because, holy hannah, it's 30 kms each day! That's a long way. I've been training and stuff, but I'm still a little nervous that I won't make it. I mean, I'm pretty darn sure I will, but there's that little voice inside me that's all "30 kms x 2 days = really damn far!"

But I'm excited as well, because there's going to be so many interesting people there, and it's for a cause I really believe in (hello, 1 in 9 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer - it's gonna affect me in SOME way), and there aren't all that many people who can say they've done it!

Plus, I've almost reached my fundraising goal, and I haven't even made my own donation yet.

I kind of feel stupid when I wear my pink silicone bracelet, because I know there a bunch of people out there who are wearing them because it's trendy and they've made their $1 donation to the cause by buying it, and blah blah blah cool-cakes. Maybe once I've done the fundraising and walk I'll feel like I've earned the right to wear it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The thing about changing browsers... that this new one lets me post here! How exciting.

Hi. It's been a long time. And I don't know most of you chill'uns that are commenting here. I kind of like that, though, so it's all good.

And I really don't have much to write today, except that don't you think Cam is fantastic? I do. He's superawesome.

And also not in the city this weekend, so I could write whatever I wanted here, and he'd not find out about it for several days! Oh, the power I have! It's going to my head, I can feel it.

Which means, I should probably head back to singing along to anarchist punk music, and reading old school Douglas Coupland. Happy Labour Day weekend to me!