Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

I have the most boring job in the world. I thought that driving a tractor and rake around a field of hay at 5rpm was dull but this takes the cake. In fact yesterday I was indexing an agricultural journal and found myself being nostalgic for the farm. That was when I decided that yes indeed i am very happy to be leaving this job.
Also this place has a weird policy that you have to finish a journal before you are allowed to log off. Well sometimes you only have half an hour to go in your day and you know damn well that starting another journals is gonna take at least an hour if not an hour and a half, and who wants to be here that long? Not me.
So right now I am killing time before I have to leave. I could index something but today I have to see my therapist and no way in hell do I want to be late for that. I was late for our first two sessions and I got the impression that she thought I was not taking the process seriously and so the other time I was late, like 3 months after that I felt that guilt and I don't want her to make a note of my tardiness (I doubt she really does that, but sometime my imagination runs away with itself - kind of like the cow and the spoon).
So I could index (oh yes this is exciting) Canadian Stamp news, or Canadian Coin Collectors new, or homemakers: living the life you want, or I could just kill some more time. I am gonna go with the whole time killing thing.
Earlier today I had to index a Canadian military journal, holy propaganda Batman. I hated doing it, but as an information professional I am trying to be unbiased in my views of the information needs/wants of others. But I do want to make fun of them.

In other news, I got my official letter of job offer from TPL and my first email from my new supervisor (Yeah, I can bring two of my friends). I then emailed my new supervisor to ask her what the dress code was. Get this - TPL has no official dress code. I can wear whatever i want (I am sure that is within reason, but still) la la la la.



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