Thursday, September 01, 2011

Michael Thomas Ford Doesn't Love Me (or return my emails)

On Sunday Monster Squad and I were having a fight over the usual nonsense. I tell him everything - he retains none of it.
So I said to him "I bet Michael Thomas Ford remembers everything his partner says" and he dared me to email him to find out if that was true.
So just to be a jerk I did.
And MTF has not emailed me back.
So apparently all men are jerks.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The cats conquer the balcony

This spring a family of squirrels moved into the unkempt balcony next door.
Normally the cats are let out on the balcony with a supervisor close by as they like the fresher air and the myriad animals they can stare at.
However with the new family moved in next door the cats were much more interested in the other balcony and were doing whatever it would take to get over there.
I have already proofed the balcony so that the cats are not able to go visit the neighbors as once Johnny went over and just went into their apartment and apparently freaked them right out.
But - this time the squirrels decided to come over and visit and be aggressive with the cats. Johnny and Gloom Cookie were of coursed thrilled with this. They wanted to fight them, beat them up, catch them, you know cat stuff.
Monster Squad slid a note under the neighbors door asking them to take care of the pesky problem. And they did clean up their balcony and remove the hiding places for the squirrels, however, they did not go away.
And this morning Johnny was feeling extra feisty and managed to catch and kill one of them and wanted to bring it to me to show me.
Thank you, but no.
Monster Squad was traumatized and I was the one responsible for taking the fresh kill away from Johnny and then disposing of it. And I am now worrying about the possibility of some disease transmission. But cats kill birds all the time and bring them home so hopefully this is not a big deal. (I am actually kind of impressed that Johnny had the skills to catch and kill this animal - he is a bit of a doofus at times).
So hopefully with the cats following their instincts this means that the squirrels will stay away. Or another one may get it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The return of courtney love

Monday, April 12, 2010

I wish you all the best! (no I don't)

Today I had the refreshing and wonderful experience of having a really fucking stupid patron.
This patron was beyond comprehension of stupidity.
Dumb to the point that I am surprised she remembers to breath.
Dumb to the point that I am amazed she has lasted this long.
Dumb to the point that I am at a loss of words to describe it to you.
(but not dumb enough to not know how to talk).
This woman came up to me on the desk and asked me if I could tell her what her SIN number is.
I asked a question to clarify, was she asking me what is a SIN number? Or was she asking me for her SIN number.
She was asking me for her SIN number, she wanted me to tell her to her off the top of my head. She asked the question like the answer would be obvious.
When I told her I did not know what her SIN number was she became agitated.
Could I look it up for her?
No. I don't have access to that kind of private government information.
Surely the library has that kind of information just floating around.
Actually we don't.
She became aggrieved when I could not give her the number. Then she wanted to know how she could get it. (please be aware that this woman was in her late 30's/early 40's)I directed her to the service ontario website, but warned her that she would need ID and other things to get her SIN number.
She gave me a dirty look as she left.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Most Controversial Woman in Rock

I am a huge Courtney Love fan.
Have been ever since "Celebrity Skin" - I only got into "Live Through This" and earlier works after hearing the 3rd album.
I think that Ms. Love is a totally crazy woman. I love her voice, her screams, her lyrics, her arrangements. I also love that she has a big mouth and gets herself into lots of trouble with the public and the media.
With 27 days to go to Hole's new album "Nobody's Daughter" I have to admit I am thrilled. It has been 5 years in the making and the same amount of time since her solo effort "America's Sweetheart" (which I think I was one of few who actually enjoyed the album despite its flaws).
I have had a chance to hear two of the songs off the album and I think they are quite amazing! Both have great builds, strong lyrics and Courtney's voice is solid (but not as good as it used to be).
So my concern is that this album will be a masterpiece.
Why is this my concern?
Cause I think all of her jackassery in the media is going to overshadow the validity and content of the album. I think that her being so controversial will backfire on her. Which is a shame since based upon these two songs alone it sounds like this will be an incredible album.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sassy Gay Friend

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I recently had the fantastic experience of viewing the film Daybreakers.
This film which is the follow up to the 2005 New Zealand film Undead by the Spierig Brothers is magnificent!
Undead was a very good film which managed to incorporate two seperate genres (zombies and aliens) into one film. Daybreakers is a more political look at the oil crises and how humanity is an endangerment to itself.
This poignant film takes place in 2019 after a pandemic has changed most of the world into vampires. Human beings are the only food source and without human blood vampires turn into sub-siders (think the vampire in Nosferatu) and not productive workers in society.
The main character is a head hemotologist trying to come up with a blood substitute as the world is being plunged into a severe blood shortage. Humans are like stock and have been placed in blood letting companies where they are kept alive and harvested for the world blood supply. As the supply dries up the owners of the stock take their humans back for their own use.
Enter a group of renegade humans who have found a cure for vampirism. They enlist our main character to help them perfect the cure, which they stumbled upon by accident. As the food supply is running out this could go either way.
The government is after this group of humans both to stop them and their cure, but also as caught humans they can be used to help alleviate the blood supply shortage.

This film kept me up all night thinking. It has so many powerful, emotional elements that it is difficult to label this movie. It is marketed as a horror film, which it kind of is - but it also isn't. It is definitly political, but also quite beautiful in the same way that Night of the living dead is beautiful in terms of analyzing the race agenda. No one is safe in this society, the fact that most humans became vampires has put an end to population growth in many different ways. Vampires cannot breed and humans are an endangered species.
Tragic flaw, human nature kills.