Friday, June 27, 2008

I am apparently a fundamentalist

I was just insulted by a patron who said I was a fundamentalist since the library has a policy that the catalogue computers are to be used for library materials. Library materials include our kidspace website.
This man was irate that a small boy was playing a word game on the computer. A word game that TPL created and endorses. This man felt that the child should not be allowed to play games on the card catalogue computer.
I told him that the child had every right.
I then told him that I can place the holds that he wishes to place. He said that he had to do it himself.
I logged onto the master computer to find out what it was that he was placing on hold that is so secretive.
And I find out that it is nazi propagana and information about the second world war.
And how am I a fundamentalist?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the longest night, the longest day

There are many odd things that occur in life.
So far my life seems to be the variety pack of strange.
After surviving my childhood and the myriad issues that have developed because of that I know seem to be in this very new phase of my life.
It has taken four years of therapy, a lot of red wine, tears, hugs, supportive friends, me challening myself and growing to finally be in a relationship with someone who I love. And who loves me.
He is my best friend.
My romantic partner.
The person I admire the most in the world (and not just because he chose me!)
But now I find that as emotional walls come down, as things begin to change, I am terrified of us and the relationship.
I hate this.
I hate that I feel unsure of things when before it felt like something to be sure of.
I hate that once again it seems that I have more things that my parents did to me to undo.
I hate that my parents have to take no responsibility in this.
And I hate that it seems that my depression is returning in the midst of this, making it even harder to trust myself and my emotions.
In the words of Aimee Mann "kicking is hard, but the bottom's harder"

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Weird things people tell me while I am on desk at work

One man was trying to get me to get botox as then he would get a discount for getting another patron to use his Dr. He was going on and on about how much he loves botox and how it has slowed the aging process for him. I at first politley declined and then had to forcibly say no as he persiste.
I then saw him later that day outside the library smoking. My reaction was, you're an idiot! You are wasting all that money on botox just to age yourself faster by smoking. However I then realized that he was probably just evening things out by doing both. Too bad you can not get botox for lungs.

Another man came up to the desk to inform me that he just got out of jail on charges of manslaughter. How nice for him to be so liberal about these things. However, I was not to get the wrong idea, he had only killed the man for smoking crack in front of his now ex-wife and kids. Kind of noble, kind of not.
He also wanted me to know that he was a record holding kick boxing champion and would have a match on TSN this weekend and that I should watch. I told him I did not believe in sports or TV. Here is hoping he never comes back. Sheesh.

An older woman who looks a great deal like Phyllis Diller sat down and wanted to discuss her life with me. Her back problems, bowel problems, urinary tract problems. I was pretty much trapped. However my lovely co-worker called me on the phone with a "reference" question and the woman went away while I was talking on the phone. She went to harrass our security guard who she thinks is her boyfriend.