Friday, October 31, 2008

Amy Sedaris and Vaginal Cleanliness

Saturday, October 25, 2008

reverting to childhood

While walking the dog the other day I had a thought.
The thought was while walking past a group of adults who all had cell phones ringing.
Their rings all reminded me of various video games that I played as a youth.
I then realized why technology of cell phones, pagers, I-pods, blackberries etc are so popular.
They capture the sounds of our youth.
Some people may say that techno geeks just remain techno geeks, but I think that anyone who had a sibling, friend, cousin, whatever that played video games would have been influenced by these sounds and thus equate them with being young.
So subconciously our modern technology that is supposed to make life easier (but actually means that we are working more hours a week then ever before since we can take the office home virtually) (and now is that not also similiar to video games? That you can not stop playing them? That they are addictive, so in another avenue of thought these little electronics are actually making us mindlessly do more work with the illusion that it is somehow related to fun).
So I clearly think that the government is behind this. They want more money. The easiest way to get more money is through the illusion of youth.
Cell phones recreate the sounds of our youth. And it does not even have to be beeping or pac man noises, it can be music, vibrating, whatever makes you feel young again.
Stupid mario!