Thursday, May 21, 2009

Number One Wet Blanket

Today at the gym I found a "God loves you" phamplet hidden amongst the rubber straps for the foot pedals for the bikes.
I have just never understood this need/desire to recruit.
We get this all the time at the library, someone would come in and place the phamplets all through the stacks and then I would have to go around and take them all and recycle them (the library cares you know) and then the next day it would happen again. At once branch I was almost certain it was the cleaner's who were leaving the phamplets as they would be there in the morning before the branch opened and they were not there the night before.
For many reasons this annoys me. It annoys me since the phamplet leavers will put them in really insensitive places (such as Jewish history) or that they use guilt in an attempt to capture you and get you to read their phamplet and then you will be addicted to God and Jesus and things will be so much better for you.
I don't like it since the library and the gym are were different culture's amass and join together in a fashion that leaves most personal beliefs behind. So why does someone have to attempt to indoctrinate in those arena's? Why not just leave it up to the person, if they want to look for God I think that they can find a place to do that. If they don't then let them browse for books or work out without the passive aggressive harrassment.

Friday, May 01, 2009

I hate davey wavey

For those of you who are users of the internet (and you know who you are) there is this gay guy who calls himself Davey Wavey who posts video's of himself on his blog.
This guy is a total doorknob in my opinion.
He is cute, I will give him that. And in very fine physical shape (for which I hate him) and is asthetically pleasing (can I even spell today?). However he is a moron.
The fact that this guy has an audience and posts these blog video's (he is usually topless or almost naked in them which is why he has an audience in the first place) but he never says anything that I find all that enlightening or of any social importance.
Okay, fine, so maybe social enlightenment is not his thing. Okay - but then why all these blogs about all the beauty in the world? That seems like a desire for enlightment, or at least to pass on some ideas about how great life can be.
However, in recent days he has had a blog about how attractive the craigslist killer is. Umm . . . what? I don't see how stating that a killer who uses the internet to lure people to their place of killing is in any way at all attractive.
So therefore, cuteness aside I have decided that Davey Wavey is a Moron Woron. '



Ummm . . . when did Uma Thurman start morphing into Meryl Streep? Or is that Meryl with some bad bad surgery. Kind of like what they say Rupert Everett did to hisself.