Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's hard to walk without strings

I saw a dermatologist yesterday (originally I wrote "the" but I don't think he is the only one) and he is know referring me to a atopic dermatitis specialist who will decide if I need to have allergy testing.
Once again I think that Dr's build their careers on referals. It almost seems like the one's who bought all the beer in med school and coasted on charm are now calling in favours for the one's who drank the beer and did the work.
The dermatologist did give me a brand new prescription for some great cream that has just hit the market in Canada.
I was reading the label last night and it said "Hoe Cream"
Ha! Apparently you can apply twice a day and it will make your slutty side go away.
I just want to know how he knew.
Oh too droll. I am so witty sometimes.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunshine in my eyes, every fucking day!

I was gonna past in January what I thought were the best albums of last year.
So I will do it now.
1. Some Girls: Crushing love.
Now I am fully aware that I am biased because of my love of Juliana, but when I looked at the songs I played the most in the past year this album beat out Juliana's solo album. And this album came out in September. I can not help but love it. Juliana sings and writes, but it is not lured down into the sort of self deprecating mire that she is susceptible to. This album bounces along with a freshness that is akin to just cut grass. The lyrics are clever and it is nice to see another female trio that are not trying to sound like the new Sleater Kinney.

2. Data Panik: Brighter Than Sunshine
Unfortuantly this album is only 5 songs long and they broke up after releasing it. Still it is a significant acheivement for the band formally known as Bis. or Bis with a rythm section. Too bad we will not see more from this band, Manda has gone solo.

3. The Cardigans: Super Extra Gravity
Much like the Eurythmics The Cardigans are a band of change. Each album they sound different and they move into a new realm of music. From the sweet 60's pop of Life to the dark atmospheric music of GranTurismo to the mature Rock sound of Long Gone Before Daylight - this album is another stepping stone in their career. A bit of everything is in this record and I found it hard to attempt to classify the sound.

4. Skye: Mind How You Go
The songstress from Morcheeba set out on her own to make this very mature and spiritual album. Full of lush hooks and beats and her very smooth and soulfull voice. A great album to make love to or to paint your living room too.

5. Jarvis Cocker: The Jarvis Cocker Album
The lead of Pulp also removed some restraints from his position as the leader of the band and set out a more political song agenda. With his usual sass and wit he makes fun of the world and political leaders.

6. Cat Power: The Greatest
Not her greatest hits but definitly a step in the right direction. From the bare sounds of You Are Free Chan Marshall explores a much fuller and jazz laden sound with this album. Her beautiful voice carries strongly and emphasizes every word she says, from the upbeat "Could We" to the religious questioning "Living Proof" she once again provokes and entertains.

And the rest of the music I liked escapes me right now.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You're a dick!

This morning on the subway a couple got on at Dufferin.
They went to sit down kitty corner from each other when the man on the perpendicular seat put up his legs across both seats so that the woman could not sit next to him.
This was at 8:30 and the subway was very busy.
What an inconsiderate schmuck I thought.
Very rude.
And then to make matters worse he was on till my stop and then he was on my bus.
Just to let him know that I hated him I gave him the "I hate you" look - cause how else he is going to learn?
It did not even seem to phase him.
I don't know him. But I hate him.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dry Spell

I feel like I have nothing to talk about.
It seems since the entrance of Monster Squad that my writing has taken a turn for the road block.
My goodness.
I am on an upswing.
I am feeling good.
And I don't think it is entirley due to meeting him, but I think that it does help.
So for today I am just gonna say this:
When you are stiff and sore the next day from making love the night before, that is one of my favourite things now.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

They know me in New York. I wonder if they know me in Paris.

Sitting at Second Cup today at St. Clair having coffee with my friend this gentleman stood up very close to our table and was putting on his coat.
We were trying to continue our talk, but his presence made it a little difficult since we were discussing some more serious issues in life.
When the man just says: "I have seen the famous gay new york club boy" and then walks away.
My friend and I started laughing, despite the serious topic we had been engaged in.
Was this man talking about me?
Do I look some famous New York Club Kid?
I was not wearing anything particularly stand outish. I just had on black pants and a black turtleneck sweater.
I guess he had to get a closer look to see if it really was who he thought it was.
Strange, n'est pas?

I guess I am too fat to breath properly

I had my yearly physical yesterday.
Apparently my cold is not a cold, but a respiratory infection.
Also according to the BMI I am in the border between obese and overweight.
Hmmmmmm, me no like this.
I think the BMI is stupid.
It does not take variation into account, yet so many health care professionals use it.
And it makes me angry.
I don't agree with this standardized test telling me that I am a fatty mcphaterson.
I think they need to come up with some better way of telling people that they are fat.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I would rather have a runny nose than a runny brain

I woke up with a cold.
I feel awful.
I am highly medicated.
I can not function.
Even the most simple of tasks seem to be taking all of my brain power and my brain pistons are not firing at all.
I want to be better.
I have a hot date with Monster Squad tomorrow and somehow I don't think he is into phlegm play.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting down with my big bad 4 year old self

Today at work I got to colour with my pre-schoolers.
We just sat on the floor on out tummies and coloured in some valentine colouring sheets.
I had a really great time.
We just talked shop.
What colours worked well for what part of the design.
What books we liked, didn't like.
Music we liked or did not like.
It felt so nice to connect with these kids in a less informal way of my being adult and them being kids.
It was also nice to revisit that simple era of life. Where things were just as easy as choosing a different colour for the nose.

Friday, February 02, 2007

On a day as cold and gray as today

Being in love and spending your time with that someone really rocks.
I have to say that I am very happy right now.
All day long I think of him and I get a big grin across my face.
I now understand all those love songs a little bit better.

Tonight will be the 6th annual Singles Awareness Day (SAD) at my place.
I lost last year to the eating drinking olympics and I hope that this year I can regain my title.
The competition is fierce as Sassy Sarah can drink a lot. But hopefully I will be able to outdo her as I have done before.
Wish me luck.

And I'm in love.