Friday, June 24, 2005

Cruisin' With Elvis

Oh how I adore Juliana and here she is with my Moms fav singer - Elvis! (who knew they got along so well?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Watch out or Humper will get you (and that could be horrible!)

This is the type of stuff I find at work all the time. Who said being a librarian was boring!?

Monday, June 20, 2005


To Whom it May Concern

I am just writing to inform you that I have recently become a top secret agent at the Chocolate Bureau of Investigation.
That means from here on in buckos that you had better watch out. I am now a government employee and I am gonne kick some ass if I catch wind of any of you out there abusing chocolate in any way, shape or form.
It is now my job and still my duty to take chocolate away from people who I feel are not worthy of it or should not be ingesting it. That goes for all of you people who think that you can melt it down and use it as fondu. That is not right. If you are going to be melting it down then you should be injecting it like I am. Tsk tsk tsk. Some people have no couth at all, whatsoever.
So just watch your back cause at any moment of the day or night, if there is chocolate in your house, home, or apartment (well or your car, your office, your cottage, your room at the bathhouse, your locker at the gym or school etc - I think I have made myself clear) that has not be consumed and you are not paying attention to it then it is my duty to come and take it away from you and make sure that it feels loved.
Any questions?
I thought not!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bondage Hangover

Why is it that I am alwasy so exhausted on the weekends? I don't think that I do that much during the week. Not as much as I used to? I used to work full time and go to school full time. Now I am at work part timeish (more on that later) and done school for forever (I hope) and I am so drained by the weekend that the thought of seeing another human being until monday really just irks me. I want to be alone a lot more then it seems I ever have before in my life. And I don't know what to do about it, this is not at all like me. I have always been such a social person but lately I seem to be become some what of a loner.
For example I was at the Sleater Kinney concert last night (sigh, they were so good) and I was irritated that there were that many people around me. (oh and of course oh so many stupid people - jerks! Like this one guy who kept screaming songs for them to sing, I mean come one and leave them alone they have already chosen a set list and it is not up to you to deter them. I hate that behaviour) All I wanted to do was escape, get out, get away from that many people, this bugs me. I love people - well most of them anyways don't even get me started about those who I don't like cause I always have way more to say about them then I do about the people I love. Lets just say I am passionate about the things that I truly dislike.
So there I am tired of all of this. I need some sort of change but I couldn't tell you what it is. The idea of going out and meeting people always seems so appealing until you actually attempt to do it and then it is a lot less appealing. But staying homne is getting a bit dull. So either I need to take some speed (which I hear will help me lose weight and money) or I need some sort of energy boost. Sigh.

However in the world of happy news I have been given a project for the Crim centre fact checking and updating a database that a prof has created. I am super excited because a) this position was just handed to me and b) I think that is really complimentary. So I get to have some hands on database work which will look really good on my resume and it pays well and I get to do it from home. SO hopefully this is fate helping me out and a job will be coming soon that is of full timeability - then i can be even more tired.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Limited Edition

Last night I went to see the band Ivy play at Lee's palace. No I know that most people have never heard of half the bands I listen to and I understand that my taste in music is rather esoteric. But I have to say that they blew me away.
Their performance was absolutely amazing!
Their music is described by many as "pop music without the bitter aftertaste" and it is a pretty good description. They are very soothing and calm music with lots of string arrangements and horns. (Oh how I love them).
But in the live environment they did not have that type of music stylings to choose from. Instead they went for the more rocking out approach to their songs and holy crap did it work! It was awesome. I was totally dancing and out of my tree cause they were just getting down with their bad selves and it was so good! It was beyond good it was just amazing! In fact I would call it one of the best live shows I had ever seen. Of course it helped a lot that Aurelia was there with me and that I just adore her to the point that I question my sexuality (no not really. But this band just put on such a good show and they had such great comraderie with each other and with the audience and they really seemed to be having a good time - which is more then I can say for the audience.
The audience was just a little bit too reserved for my tastes. I was the only one dancing and singing along with the band. Maybe this is due to the fact that normally they are not so rocking, but come on kids - is it that hard to rise to the occassion? I think not.
So Ivy was amazing and I met the band afterward and they were all so very nice, they shook my hand and thanked me for coming. Holy does Andy Chase have a very firm handshake (and he is sooooooooooooooooooooo dreamy). Also, Adam kept looking at me during the show which was just interesting, but what can you do? Maybe he thought I was cute.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Well, there goes the neighbourhood

Sooo . . .
I don't get some people. For example yesterday I was at an unnamed coffee place, and in the line ahead of me was this guy with no shirt on. As soon as I walked in and saw him I thought "You have got to be kidding, does he not know the "no shirt, no shoes, no service rule?" Well apparently not.
When he was next in line the women asked him to please put his shirt on. Now I don't know if he was being difficult cause he was all cut and abdominal like, or if he was just obtuse but he gave her attitude, and asked her "why?" he should put his shirt back on. I was flabbergasted at his audacity. You put your shirt on because there is food in this establishment and we do not want your sweat, skin flakes, ________ (fill in the blank) getting in the food/beverage. But he made a hassle out of this, he did not want to put his shirt on and the girl would not serve him and I could not get my bevvie until he was gone . FInally what he did was to put his shirt over his front tors. He did not put his shirt on over his head, he just lay it against his body. I guess this was good enough cause the girl gave him his drink.
First off I am appallled that this type of thing goes down, who does not know that you have to be wearing a shirt in an establisment that is open to the public? And wh do some people just have to be asses about it?
If it cause your body is hot, well that is all fine and good but that does not make you better then the rest of us. In fact all it does is irritate us normal people that you have the restraing/genetics/inability to really enjoy good food and we want to hate you (well at least I do). If it is cause you are stupid - well then I can not help you. I am so sick and tired of stupid people cause they are everywhere I turn and I have tried and tried to educate them but it has been to no avail. If someone had asked me I would have said that "stupid people are a bad idea!" But no one did ask me , did they?
And so in another point, what is with people who push the light change button at intersections incessantly. Like if they just keep pushing it the light will change faster or something. Or maybe they have a code that they have to push in so that the lignts know that it is them and then it changes faster for them. I dunno, but whatever the reasoning/logic is. GIVE IT UP!!! You are driving me crazy. I want to cross the street just as much as you do, but pushign that button over and over is only going to break it by wearing it out faster and drive me crazy by making me hate you. And I don't want to to hate you, I really don't but if you keep this stupid shit up I am going to have no choice. So please lets make this a better world and become smarter and thus stop pissing me off.

Sorry - but the heat is getting to me and making me cranky.


Friday, June 10, 2005

Rubbing doesn't help

All right
so once again a thing that I should have done a bajillion years ago but did not do until last night.
I called it quits with Jackass. Jackass and I have been on again off again for almost four years now. I can not believe it, where did the time go? And while I am asking questions where the hell was my dignity all that time? I should have stood up for myself a long time ago, but alas due to fear of being alone and without some sort of love in my life (that of the gayish male variety) I held on. It is sad when the thing that you love is the same thing that is holding you down.
So after a rigorous session with my Dr. Yesterday where I duscussed my conversation on Monday with Jackass, I decided that it was time to put that horse out to pasture. And I did so, with an email.
Now normally I would not do these kinds of things, unlike when I broke up wiht Matt F. over voice mail (yes i am oh so classy)I prefer to do these kinds of things in person, but sometimes you just gotta send an email. If I had done it in person it never would have worked cuase he would have sweet talked me and I would have fallen for it again and it would have just been stupid all over again. So yes, and as Mainja said "He only deserves an email" so yeah.
And in my own words: "What the fuck? What the fuck was I thinking? What the fuck were you thinking? Why the fuck did I fuck you? FUCK!"
and in the words of Ms. Courtney Love : "Sometimes you gotta throw the trash out"

Wish me luck in the world of dating.

Oh and Epi those two songs by the Cardigans are: "For what its worth" and "please sister"

Love Love Love (can you tell I just learned how to publish photos - and these are all photos of me I don't hate)

Courtney Love Sings

But Julian . . .

Monday, June 06, 2005

Music for a stranger world

I don't get it.
I really don't.
I have recently re-entered the world of dating and well, it is a strange world indeed. I can not get into a lot of detail on this thing because it involves the realm of other people, and since dating is in no way about anything logical, it would be illogical of me to assume that the people I have been dating would mind if I wrote about them. So I won't.
But someone please tell me what the hell has happened to the dating world? I mean it has never been perfect but it is just down right scary and weird. For example last night met a guy who I had been chatting with on Gay Canada, he comes home with me - fine great, whatever (don't get excited anyone nothing major happened but it is extraordinairy that I brought him home). And this morning he is all strange and weird and the time we spent together after waking felt very strange to me. Strange indeeed.
So I don't get it. If I sleep with them they are strange and lie to me, and if I don't sleep with them they are just strange.
And so what did I do after feeling all rejected and alone after date went sour and my hopes were dashed against the rocks? Oh yes I contacted the old long term to see what he was up to. This however I think was a good thing. In talking to him I began to realise that he and I are goign nowhere and that he is just sort of blindly being led around by other people. I don't know why I keep forgetting this fact - perhaps the lonliness is blinding me or the concupisence is making me lonely and blind. Whatever the case, I must stop repeating old patterns that no longer work.
That is all. I look forward to thursday - I think.