Monday, June 06, 2005

Music for a stranger world

I don't get it.
I really don't.
I have recently re-entered the world of dating and well, it is a strange world indeed. I can not get into a lot of detail on this thing because it involves the realm of other people, and since dating is in no way about anything logical, it would be illogical of me to assume that the people I have been dating would mind if I wrote about them. So I won't.
But someone please tell me what the hell has happened to the dating world? I mean it has never been perfect but it is just down right scary and weird. For example last night met a guy who I had been chatting with on Gay Canada, he comes home with me - fine great, whatever (don't get excited anyone nothing major happened but it is extraordinairy that I brought him home). And this morning he is all strange and weird and the time we spent together after waking felt very strange to me. Strange indeeed.
So I don't get it. If I sleep with them they are strange and lie to me, and if I don't sleep with them they are just strange.
And so what did I do after feeling all rejected and alone after date went sour and my hopes were dashed against the rocks? Oh yes I contacted the old long term to see what he was up to. This however I think was a good thing. In talking to him I began to realise that he and I are goign nowhere and that he is just sort of blindly being led around by other people. I don't know why I keep forgetting this fact - perhaps the lonliness is blinding me or the concupisence is making me lonely and blind. Whatever the case, I must stop repeating old patterns that no longer work.
That is all. I look forward to thursday - I think.


At Tuesday, 07 June, 2005, Blogger emily said...

YOU contacted HIM? I thought he contacted you. You're CRAZY! But you also know that I really don't like him. So I'm glad you had a mini epiphany.

At Tuesday, 07 June, 2005, Blogger No one asked us said...

Hey Em
I was online and he was and then callead me cause he saw I was there, but originally a million years ago (aka: 3 weeks ago) I emailed him with a stupid favour.

At Tuesday, 07 June, 2005, Blogger Snooze said...

Don't beat yourself up for contacting the long term. It's hard to resist the familiar.


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