Monday, May 02, 2005

Varnish now comes in a spray on can!!!!

I did it.
I am extremely sore and in pain and wow does my lower back hurt - and one side of my abs, the left side to be exact - but I did it.
Yes that is right I moved. Whoo hoooo! I no longer live in my quaint little hell hole I now live in a faboo apartment that I am falling in love with. It is almost set up all I have to do is sort my CDs and put up my art work and I am done. I love it! I love it!.
Moving was stressful, oh my yes it was. However it was done much sooner than I had anticipated it would be. I had walked lots of stuff over from Weds when i got my keys to friday when Amy showed up with her car. (just so you all know Amy is my new best friend who I love for forever as she is the one who made it so that I did not have to rent an expensive van since she said to me when she saw what was left "lets just move it all." I looked at her with wide wide eyes and said: "really?" She nodded her head, took a drag on her cigarette, exhaled out her nose and said "Yeah, lets do it" and we did. Holy fuck did we and it was awesome. Except for the weirdo with the bike who I believe lives in my new building, it was awesome. heather and my sister were there and we got it done adn then went out dancing. Saturday was a trip to Ikea (unfortunatly but I needed a TV stand) and then shopping with my sister. Then setting up and then I went out (sisters feet hurt) and danced and had a faboo time. Sunday I was exhausted.
So to update the becoming "easy" endeavour, it is not going so well. I tried to talk to boys on friday night (saturday night was a straight club, but friday was Vazaleen)and I kissed one on the cheek and held the hands of another but there was no hardcore pumping and sucking action anywhere. I have however noticed that girls check me out and give me eyes way more then boys. I don't know why this is, but it is. So I am thinking I have to become straight which I really don't want to do.
The job hunt continues and this time it is with TPL who is hiring 2 childrens librarians, I really hope that I get somethign there.
And other than that it will soon be time for housewarming party.

And for all ofyou who are saying to yourselves "what about the bed bugs?" I am almost certain that none of them made the trip with me. My research indicates that they prefer to live in close vicinity to their victims, I know that they were no longer in my bed and my futon frame spent three weeks in very cold temps and was then wrapped in plastic and then varnished so I am positive that they did not come that way. All the boxes had every possible area of exposure taped up so taht they could not get in and if they did they would be stuck and then dead. So I am going to vacuum every other day for a month and then that should be it for me and the bed bugs scenario. however I talked to a neighbour right before I left (the old place) and he informed me that the entire first floor was moving out due to bed bugs and the fact that they won't go away and that the supers are so laxed in their actions toward it. One is even suing them in a tribunal. Nice, I like to believe that I had something to do with this disapora.


At Tuesday, 03 May, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

did you tell him that we'd be happy to testify. ;)

At Tuesday, 03 May, 2005, Blogger Snooze said...

From the first sentences I thought that you were going to detail your new life as a slut. But moving apartments is good too. now you'll have somewhere you want to bring guys back to.

At Wednesday, 04 May, 2005, Blogger emily said...

Snooze - I had the same thought! Hee.

Yay Camcam! I'm glad it's good stuff.


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