Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hold me but don't ever reach me

All right kids
I am sorry for the lack of posting but well my life has been hell. Hell!
I am now officially done school. Drum roll please! It has taken a lot out of me and I am ready to cry but I did it.
No more library school for me, I am officilly a librarian/information specialist. Oh I feel doors of employment opening for me.
So I am proud of myself for that.
Unfortunatly I have not had time to think up my usual rants on life and stuff because I am going through one of the most amazingly bad times in my life that I can recall. So I am sorry. I have lots of things i want to say, but no clarity to say it with.
Please bear with me on this.
As for today all I can say is: "who the hell invented those scrunchies that look like hair? Huh?"
what the fuck is that all about? Today I saw one and all I could think was: that is horrible! And i meant it. They are truly bad, and if you are going to wear one at least get one that matches your brassy dye job. Tsk tsk, if they can make em so ugly you think that they could make em look like bad dye jobs.

So I am going dancing tommorrow night at Buddies for any of you that want to come out and celebrate my victory against academia. I am such a geek.



At Friday, 15 April, 2005, Blogger Snooze said...

Darling! Congratulations on your accomplishment and welcome to the fold.


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