Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Uniform Legal Citations


Apparently God still hates me. Or there is just some strange thing going on in my life where all of the negative energy from my person is affecting all that surrounds me.

I am still vacuuming and I HATE it!

I have not seen a bed bug, but that means nothing.

Now my landline is not working. I pick up my phone and all I hear is static and that is it, no dial tone, just this weird static like someone else is on the line. I hope that aliens are not trying to call me. That would just be creepy. I am not so fond of aliens, they always seem to be so into anal probes and well although that is not out of the realm of possibilities for me I would like it to be concentual and with a human being. Perhaps Margaret Cho could come over and use a dildo on me, that would be fine.

So now I am waiting for the Bell repair person to come over and look at my phone and this means that I am going to have to move my vaseline covered futon. I am not looking forward to that. Plus I need to vacuum but I don't want to do it whilst waiting for them because I may not hear the buzzer to my aparment. I want this fixed I need my phone to work so that I can talk on it and be a boy and have fun.

I am still single (just in case any of you were wondering). I have been chatting withi this guy on gay canada but it does not seem to be going anywhere and I feel an interest in him but not enough to make me actually ask him if he wants to meet. I think perhaps i want to be pursued but this may not happen. In my experience I have almost always been the one to ask people out. There was one guy who tried to ask me out but he was so terrified of me that he kept running away. It was actually really amusing. He would come over and attempt to ask me questions in a crowded bar and then when I would answer and ask him a question he would get tongue tied and run away. So perhaps I should stand in line becuase it is not my turn - but when? I ask you, when will it be my turn?

So while I am waiting for the Bell repair individual I am going to finish my legal librarianship assignment and get to work on my PIPEDA project. Wish me luck.


At Wednesday, 23 February, 2005, Blogger Snooze said...

Oh poor you! No one should be without a phone.

At Wednesday, 23 February, 2005, Blogger emily said...


I hope your phone is fixed now, and that you didn't miss the repair person.

I am le tired. I hope you are feeling better than I am.



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