Thursday, February 03, 2005

What the fuck? And more what the fuck?

In my information policy class we have had to do reviews on recent (I will get back to the whole recent thing) articles in the media having to deal with information in its many facets.
I of course chose to analyze the speech that Ms. Courtney Love gave at the digital hollywood conference courtney love does the math and I was quite proud of my review and my thesis that she was only using her speech to gather sympathy for her trail against universal music who is suing her for four more albums as they were taken over by Geffen.
That is not the point of this story, the point is that one student did a review on an article from Macleans about an older man in Winnipeg who died and no one found his body for 2 years. 2 WHOLE YEARS!!! Why you may be asking? I will tell you, becuase he was ill and his disease did not allow him to be incredibly mobile ( I am assuming that he was able to grocery shop and stuff or someone would have noticed sooner) and he was on disability and all of his bills were automatically paid, so his disability was direct deposit and all of his bills were direct payment. So no one discovered his body for two whole years. This disturbs me a great deal and I have no intention of ever using online banking now for anything because as soon as I fall into that trap it will probably kill me.
The other crazy item I have is this: this could be fiction a boy dies of herpes and they wonder if it has come from the Rabbi's mouth? I mean yuck, yuck and even more yuck. I realise that we could get all Foucault on this and say that the boys will only have psychological scarring if they believe in it, but honestly! If I ever found out that some creepy old Rabbi dude circumsized me with his mouth I would die. I thankfully do not have to worry about this becuase for some reason I am not circumsized (I know all of you wanted to know that, and I have asked my parents repeatedly why they did not and they won't tell me. Seems suspicious to me but they also won't tell me why they chose my name so who knows, could be related).
So for those of you expecting parents, do not get this guy to circumsize your child. Hell don't bother with it, there is no real medical advantage. But it does make the head of your penis that much more sensitive, and that in my opinion is a good thing.


At Friday, 04 February, 2005, Blogger emily said...

I remember when that "no one knew he was dead for two years" story broke. It was a little freaky. Can you imagine? Yikes.

And that other story is yuck and a half. And your parents are odd, but you already knew that.

At Friday, 04 February, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

okay, again, you can start internet banking, and you don't have to let it automatically pay your bills. i don't like it when they do an automatic withdrawl and only do it if it's the only option (like, insurance and my y membership). but i do use the bank to pay my bills. it's great. i can do it in my underwear.

*huge grin* ;)


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