Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Helpful Hints

I recently have had this wave of nostalgia and have been getting all of these old films (old as in I saw them when I was a lot younger, you know like between the ages of 5-10) out of the public library. And I have noticed a trend with them, that someone has rewound them completely and then fast forwarded them to the beginning of the film. You know, past the previews and past the credits to where the film actually starts.
I find this very amusing because I used to do this when I was younger. I thought that I was being incredibly helpful by fast forwarding the tape to where the film actually began. (everyone knows that the credits are boring and that they are not the actual beginning of the film but some strange way of torturing us individuals by keeping us waiting that much longer. Yes I know that this implies that I had no patience as I child. I didn't and I still don't)
So this has happened with:The Desk Set, Where The Red Fern Grows, French & Saunders, and several others whose names are escaping me. But I think that it is so funny that perhaps out there in this city there is some child (or adult - you never really know) who is trying to be as helpful as I was back then.
Nowadays I still fast forward through the credits because I see them as a form of a foreword, that it is in a sense the director/film maker telling us how to perceive this film. I hate forwords, I hate someone telling me how to read a book, I never read the foreword until I am done reading the book. So I see the opening credits of a film as the same type of thing, that it is an attempt to layout groundwork on how to view the film.
However, I know respect the fact that maybe some other poeple might want to watch the film. And much like me, are now irritated by this hooligan punk who is fast forwarding through the credits. I can do it myself. Sheesh


At Thursday, 03 February, 2005, Blogger emily said...

I would always get so bored by the opening credits in older films, because they were so long and had all the info that today's closing credits have. So I would totally love to rent the videos that person rented. :)


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