Saturday, January 22, 2005

I did not expect ass right away

Oh my goodness
I saw a co-worker naked. I am talking serious butt ass, about to get in the shower, totally naked. It was awful. I did not expect this to ever happen. I have never even fantasized about seeing a co-worker naked. Okay, well the guy I made out with yes, but at least he was hot and we had made out. This guy, no way, uh uh, never ever once even thought about it. And then it happened.

It would not have happened if I had not decided that I was going to get in shape by doing yoga and pilates. I used to do yoga and I totally loved it but since moving to T.O. I have not had the time or the money to do it, but through school I can do it rather cheaply (if you read that sentence all by itself it sounds kind of dirty you know).

So I had my first pilates class which was wicked. I like the instructor and I dig what we did and the pace and what I was learning and the whole entire mind/body connection element is just what I was looking for since in my other work outs I just turn on my music and go like a mad man and only pay attention to my body when it screams for release or I can not breathe.

Well the not breathing part was how I felt when I saw my co-worker naked. I was in the change room and well, was you know changing. I myself was not in a state of undressed when he walked by. I was shocked. This guy has some sort of flabby old man disease about his skin and body - which is really too bad since I think he is only in his late thirties early fourties. But since I did not expect to see him naked I did not expect to ever have to now this, so I was not prepared for any of the eventualities. So he walked by and he saw me and said "Hi, . . . " and I said "Hello" and he kept going and I saw his sagging back porch. Well, I hate to be mean or whatever but dude, he just had like two pouches of really saggy, stretched out skin just kind of hanging there. I have the feeling that as a younger man he would have had no butt, just a back with a crack. But seeing this - eek!

I will never be able to face this man again. Every time I see him I am going to have to think of this experience and now the truth. And it is possible that I am the only person who works with him that has seen him without his clothes and to be frank I don't want to be the person who has that privilege. Help!


At Saturday, 22 January, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

saggy skin tends to be a result of weight loss, so maybe the problem is not that he used to not have an ass, but actually that he used to have a good substantial ass.

At Monday, 24 January, 2005, Blogger emily said...

I love the title of this entry.

That situation is a little freaky, but hopefully you can replace that memory with something else. Like Billy Idol. Yes, why not him? (Sorry, he's on Canada AM at the moment.)


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