Sunday, January 16, 2005

Here it comes

All right the last blog that I had was removed because some whiny member of the public whom knows me made a threat that they were going to get to inform people that I had talked about that I had talked about them, although identities were not clear and this person did not know specifically who I was talking about - or whether or not what I was saying was "A JOKE!". There is no way to know if what I am publishing is the truth or not.
Oh and to whomever that was, I looked it up. Posting comments on a blog does not fit under the legal definition of slander as I did not use the full persons name and I did not print the information in a mainstream arena that was easily accessible. Posting on a blog format requires the searching out of the information which means that you inherently agree to read the material and as no one forced you to read the material it is not slander. Oh and by the way Slander usually has to be spoken, if it is written then it falls under "Libel" canadian law(but I am being nitpicky about those oh so courages individuals who are attempting to holier than thou, but are afraid to identify themselves. I love threats and demands from annonymous people, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside) I know this as I am taking a course on legal librarianship and well, I have lots of access to very fascinating resources that the average public individual does not.
So I am back and I don't care and who ever it was can kiss my ass, because although the other blog was deleted I had already been thinking about abandoning it as it was bringing up other issues that I found objetive to my life and happiness.
So I hope that those who missed myself and my friend are happy that we are back and will once again begin our own self righteous brand of pop psychology because our pain is different.


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