Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Dork is the new Geek

I have gotten geekier.
It is sad but true.
Not only am I attending the OLA conference in hopes of rubbing elbows with future librarians whom I might like and can make connections that way (future librarians of the world unite).
But I have become a card carrying member of Lexis Nexis. Yes, that is right. I had to sign up for this service for my legal librarian ship class and they actually sent me membership cards. I mean what is that about? I have the cards in my wallet becuase they have vital information on them for my usage of the service. However, as soon as I slipped them into my wallet I realized that I had just gone from being a potential librarian action figure to dork of the universe. Alas, I guess I must give a little to get some but who knew that it would make me feel like such a geek.
And to make it worse I completed my first MARC record this past weekend and to be perfectly frank I am damn proud of the thing. It is almost a work of art. Not only do I now know what all the fields stand for, I can enter in the proper bibliographic citations to make these items accessible in OPACs.

So I guess it is official I am a librarian at heart. But damn it was almost fun making that MARC record and I get to make three more of them this semster, whooo hoooo.

All right now I am getting serious, what should I wear to this conference? hmmm? I need suggestions. I was thinking full on suit, shirt, tie jacket - the whole works. Stan thinks that it is over doing it, he thinks that just a dress shirt and nice slacks is fine. Mel thinks the tie, shirt and slacks but no jacket, and Annie thinks that jeans and a t-shirt are totally okay. So what should I wear?


At Wednesday, 26 January, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

i rarely see suits at a conference. i'd go with slacks and a tie, and then if that feels overdressed you can take off the tie and subtelly secret it in your bag...

At Thursday, 27 January, 2005, Blogger Snooze said...

I agree with Mainja - you rarely see suits at a conference. Moreover, dress for your future job. If you want to be a children's librarian, be relaxed and approachable for networking. I think you should skip the tie, but if wearing one will give you more confidence, bring it along. I wore a suit to an interview with a public library [they were cattle call interviewing at the school], and the people who were more casually dressed did better.

Now if you wanted to be a law or business librarian, different story.

At Thursday, 27 January, 2005, Blogger emily said...

Dude, totally look good (which is so not hard for you!) but not too dressed up. Nice, but comfortable. I guess that'd be the whole business casual thing. Work it, baby!

And geek IS the new cool! Woohoo!


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