Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You can always do your homework on the morning bus

I did not get the job.
I am fairly devestated to say the least.
I really wanted it.
I really really really wanted.
I had no idea how much I wanted it until the manager personally emailed me to tell me that I did not have it.
It was very nice of her to email me and let me know, she really did not have to do that. It was very positive and affirming.
It still sucks big time that I did not get it.
The person who did get it was hired by the system in 1980. So yeah I guess she has a bit more experience than me.
I am really rather shocked at how much it disapointed me to not get this job. I really do not want to return to my permanent position and have to do extra hours and deal with my awful branch head there.
However, on the good news front it seems almost definite that my contract here will be extended for another six months so that hopefully by then I will land another contract or get full time permanent.
(I am writing this with a very dry mouth) I am assuming it will be contract.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Life without leather

Since being diagnosed with my allergy things have become different in my life. I love shoes.
Love them!
And it seems nature is determined to keep my from my love.
I can no longer wear most leather shoes. I am currently wearing the one pair of non-leather shoes I own till my other pair comes in the mail. I am also wearing the only non-leather belt I own. I have to go buy some nylon ones.
To be honest I hate this.
I hate that to make my life better that I have to go out of my way and change things.
I hate that I seem to hate change.
Especially when this will make my life better.
I have noticed since no longer wearing leather that I have been feeling better. My energy is up, my mood is up and I wonder how much of my allergy had to do with my bad mood? I am sure to a certain extent the drain on my body from being constantly exposed to something it is allergic to can not be an easy thing for it to handle.
However now I have to spend way more money on leather shoes as vegetable tanning is much more expensive, and also a lot of shoes will have to be custom made for me and that is super expensive.
I don't really miss green felt, surgical cat guy, hide glue, wet cement, or any of the other things I am allergic to. I just miss my leather.
Good thing I do not have a leather fetish, my life will be hell.
Also I think I have to give up my leather pants.
Lucky me.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Interviews for the work that is work

I had my branch head interview bright and early this morning at 9 a.m. which was good as I wanted to get it out of the way and get on my with my day. It also meant that I got to spend less time commuting to Albion on my time and more time commuting on the libraries dime.
However there was a delay on the subway, but I was only ten minutes late and incredibly apologetic.
The interview went smooth, none of the questions were what I was not suspecting and one was easier than I had anticipated. However the one on what I thought were the three best elements of being a leader/supervisor - umm I had two, but a third? I sort of drew a blank and then just guessed at what I thought would be the best thing that I would do, which was to try to understand my staff members as individuals and cater training to them.
It was not harrowing or bad, I was a bit nervous but that went away.
The best part was when the one manager told me that she did not know all the statisitcs that I did about the neighbourhood the branch is situated in.
Good thing I do my homework.