Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You can always do your homework on the morning bus

I did not get the job.
I am fairly devestated to say the least.
I really wanted it.
I really really really wanted.
I had no idea how much I wanted it until the manager personally emailed me to tell me that I did not have it.
It was very nice of her to email me and let me know, she really did not have to do that. It was very positive and affirming.
It still sucks big time that I did not get it.
The person who did get it was hired by the system in 1980. So yeah I guess she has a bit more experience than me.
I am really rather shocked at how much it disapointed me to not get this job. I really do not want to return to my permanent position and have to do extra hours and deal with my awful branch head there.
However, on the good news front it seems almost definite that my contract here will be extended for another six months so that hopefully by then I will land another contract or get full time permanent.
(I am writing this with a very dry mouth) I am assuming it will be contract.


At Wednesday, 21 November, 2007, Blogger Emiline said...

Aw, I'm sorry, Camcam. They'll be sorry when they clue in and realize the awesomeness they will be missing. Here's hoping something great comes up!

At Tuesday, 27 November, 2007, Blogger graymama said...

I am so sad for you! {{{{HUGS}}}}

This must mean that the universe has something special up its sleeve for you that we cannot see <3

At Sunday, 02 December, 2007, Blogger bb_smith said...


was just reading your blog. nice to see more male librarians. i just finished studying library science. any tip to get work in canadian libraries? what were your interview questions?


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