Sunday, October 28, 2007

The results of allergy testings

Here is what I am allergic to:
Leather articles (chrome-tanning leather process)
Bleaching agents
Phospate containing detergents
Hide glues
Brushless shaving cream
Chemical surgical catgut
(and my personal favourite)
Green felt (as the stuff on gambling or pool tables)

How weird is that?
Apparently thought this list is not as random as you may think - the common agent that all of these have in common with one another is a chemical called: potassium Dichromate. My reaction to the allergens on my back containing this chemical were through the charts and were all eczema reactions.
So there you go kids.
I have to go buy non-leather shoes, stop using bleach and get rid of my green felt sheets.
Oh, also I have to get rid of all my socks and buy new ones since the chemical can not be removed by washing and sweating puts it into the fabric.
And the other weird thing - I have to bathe my feet in steeped black tea two nights a week to help remove the chemical and allow my feet to perspire less.
Crazy talk if you ask me.


At Wednesday, 31 October, 2007, Blogger Emiline said...

Well, damn. I was totally going to turn your bed into a pool table, in time for your birthday, but I see I'll have to change that plan now.

I'm glad you know what's up now, though.


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