Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So many riches

"I want that book on that guy"
"Which guy?"
"That famous guy"
"Which one?"
"You know the one from the second world war"
"Yes, I want his book"
"You want "Mein Kampf?"
"What? No! I want his book, I have no idea what you even said"
"Mein Kempf is the book that Hitler wrote, about his sort of manifest destiny"
"No, his other book"
"I don't think he wrote another book"
"He did called "The Third Rich"
(I raise my eyebrows)
"You know that book"
(my eyebrows stay raised)
"But do you have it in the movie?"
(my eyebrows get as high as they can)
"You mean "The Third Reich?"
"Yes that one"
"I am pretty sure that it has never been made into a movie, but I will check to see if we have it"
(I type it into the database and it is not there)
"How could they not have made a movie out of that?"
(I think to myself - why would they make a movie out of that? And why don't you stop being a lazy fuck and read the book. Obviously you could use some more education since you think Reich is phonetically pronounced rich)
Happy hump day from the library.


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