Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jeremey Engle

Jeremy EngleLives in a tangledRent controlled apartmentWith his communist familyThere are books all around themThe dining room table is lacqueredWith news clippingsYellowing badlyThey argue at dinnerHis brother's friends drop byTo throw a line in or twoAbout TolstoyThey all play guitarAnd they're all very far awayIn their own mindsFrom the upper west sideOf manhattanI never got past hisGoogly eyesThat looked at me sadlyIn mocking surpriseThe way a lord looks at his placematOr a stain on his tieIt never happened for meAnd Jeremy Engle thoughWanted to step through that portalAnd try on that other dimensionOf high high browismJeremy's hair and browGrow very highAnd no not II'm more of a napkinNot blessed with the visionBeyond how I'm matchingThe china and wineNow there are the EnglesSkewering menAnd chewing throughSix pounds of venisonI bet they they shot upIn upstate New YorkAt their uncle'sJeremy needs meTo wipe off his eyeSome gelatinous thingyThat his brother's rebuttalingMouthful let flySometimes all you need is a napkinSometimes all you need is a napkin

I think that this is Liz Phair's best song. Too bad it never made an album.


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