Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Top 10 self lacerating songs

10. "Ugly" Juliana Hatfield. 'cause I am ugly with a capital U and I need nobody to tell me the truth. Need I say more?

09. "Like A Motorway" Saint Etienne. About allowing life to pass you by, since you never ask for more and then the situation you have trapped yourself in doesn't have an escape clause outside of death.

08. "Oh Father" Madonna. Considering my past, it is a surprise that I do not listen to this every day.

07. "Sleeping Satellite" Tasmin Archer. I really don't know what this song is about, aside from making mistakes. But the meaning of the song always hurts.

06. "Keep on Driving" Sara Craig. If the junk is stuck inside and never gets erased by the time you're 95 its written all over your face. And I did worry about not meeting someone who loved me for me.

05. "The World is Stone" Cyndi Lauper. The line where she talks about not taking the call, breaks my heart. Makes me cry.

04. "Sunset Strip" Courtney Love. Although this song is decrying fame, I look at it more about being someone who has given up and just wants to let go but is far too afraid of what may lie on the other side. The lyric: "I came from a dirty dark street, there was no one there to protect me" sounds so heart breaking.

03. Tori Amos "Girl" - There for the grace of god go I. And yes I do have that image under my thumb.

02. "It's Not" Aimee Mann. So sad, possibly the saddest song that I have ever heard. I never can tell if she means that the person who can not save her is someone else, or herself. Either way all the imagry of this that are incomplete for some reason.

01. "Hotels" Juliana Hatfield. Of course my depressing fav gets two. This is my all time favourite by her. I love the metaphor of whatever we own, house, apartment - is a hotel, a borrowed space on our way to the grave.


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