Monday, May 14, 2007

A Complete Segway

Yesterday at work I had a man approach me looking for books on "machines".
I asked him what kind of machines?
He looked at me like I was asking him if I could have sex with his pet.
So I rephrased the questions: "do you want machine repair?"
small machines?
large machines?
How machines work?
The history of machines?
what is it you are hoping to find?
and his reply was:

"How to read a blueprint."

I looked at him and asked "so why a book on machines?"

"won't it have that information in it?"

"No - probably not"

So I found him a book on how to read and write blueprints.

Call me crazy, but why not ask for a book on how to read blueprints in the first place?


At Thursday, 17 May, 2007, Blogger von said...

I would have thought that experience would be the typical use-case, not the exception!


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