Friday, March 30, 2007

Report from wednesday night movie night

On weds Emiline and I had our movie night and it was fantastic!

We saw two very good movies that everyone should go and see.

The first was a movie that I have wanted to see since it came out in 2004 entitled "Wasabi Tuna" I am pretty sure it got released because of Anna Nicoles death.

However, it was a super fun, super silly look at life in West Hollywood when one group of friends decide to dress up as gangters for halloween and begin to have strange encounter after strange encounter. Full of larfs and silliness.

The other movie was a very serious drama entitled "The Dead Girl". A film about how the death of one girl affects 5 different lives in very different ways. It was a simple and straight forward drama, but it had so much more going on. It reminded me very much of "I Heart Huckabees" and "Little Miss Sunshine" in that it was doing something very special and doing it very well.

We also ate too much.


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