Monday, March 12, 2007

And another thing about stupid people . . .

This continues on from my last post.

Why the fuck are there no original programs on TV?

And when I say original I don't really mean original concept. I am fully aware that there are only 7 plot lines that exist.

I am more concerned with the fact that I see these shows that have so much potential but air almost the same episode but have a slight variation on a theme.

Honestly all these shows really do is put the characters in different clothes and change the disease from Malayria to Chicken Pox.

Or they change the characters hair and the crime from gun play to murder with a knife.

I find these shows insulting and scary.

I find them insulting on the level that you need no real brain action to watch them. They pander to you, they are harlequins on TV. (just so you know Harlequins actually have a set formula that they send out to their writers. It tells you on page 23 this must happen and it also informs you of the words that are acceptable euphimisms for sex organs and which ones are not) And I can not stand that each week it is the same damn episode slightly different.

The thing that scares me is that it takes no effort to watch these things. None. It is the same thing in the same spot almost every single time. And when they do veer off from the regular formula it seems that they get negative viewer response.

I really don't want to live in a world where this happens.

And the thing that really annoys me is that the majority rules with TV, which means the majority of people actually enjoy this type of programming and watch it on a regular basis.

Sometimes I wish I were stupid so I could have all the fun it seems that other people are having.


At Monday, 19 March, 2007, Blogger emily said...

Dude. You're totally gonna watch the Law & Order that's a thinly veiled Anna Nicole Smith story then, aren't you?


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