Thursday, August 02, 2007

Car Crash

As some of you may know I adore Courtney Love.
I hated her in high school and it took my best friend betraying me for me to being to really appreciate her and the depth of her song writing capabilities. That woman understands pain.
Over the past two years I have watched her weird downward spiral with much chagrin. I do not really understand what happened, nor do I want to, I did not judge her behaviour. I felt bad for her. It must be difficult to be vilified as much as she is.
However, she has returned (sort of) and has posted two of her new songs on her website and I must say I am very very impressed.
Her first solo album "America's Sweetheart" was a bit of a mess in places. I still really loved most of it, but even at times I was thinking ... what the hell? The album felt and sounded like the album that should have been recorded after "Live Through This" and not ten years later (but I do love the video for the song "Mono").
With this new stuff she has really grown I think. It is acoustic rock, very sparse and her lyrics are heart breaking.
The two songs as of so far are "Dirty Girls" and "Car Crash" and both have me captivated.
I am very much anticipating her new album