Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So many riches

"I want that book on that guy"
"Which guy?"
"That famous guy"
"Which one?"
"You know the one from the second world war"
"Yes, I want his book"
"You want "Mein Kampf?"
"What? No! I want his book, I have no idea what you even said"
"Mein Kempf is the book that Hitler wrote, about his sort of manifest destiny"
"No, his other book"
"I don't think he wrote another book"
"He did called "The Third Rich"
(I raise my eyebrows)
"You know that book"
(my eyebrows stay raised)
"But do you have it in the movie?"
(my eyebrows get as high as they can)
"You mean "The Third Reich?"
"Yes that one"
"I am pretty sure that it has never been made into a movie, but I will check to see if we have it"
(I type it into the database and it is not there)
"How could they not have made a movie out of that?"
(I think to myself - why would they make a movie out of that? And why don't you stop being a lazy fuck and read the book. Obviously you could use some more education since you think Reich is phonetically pronounced rich)
Happy hump day from the library.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is there something more I am supposed to be doing?

I am at my new libraries.
Yes that is right libraries. I am now split between the Rexdale library and the Albion library doing children's programming at both.
Weird I say.
I have this horrible feeling of being uprooted. Of knowing no one, having no firm grasp on my duties.
I do everything I am supposed to do, but that leaves so much time to do . . . nothing. To surf the net, whatever.
I guess I am supposed to be filling that time with reference work, but no one is asking me questions. And to scare me more than I was before, I am possibly going to be the acting branch head of Rexdale for November and December. That is a wee bit scary as that means I am in charge, the buck stops here, I am the one who has to deal with all the crazy stuff. I guess this is good since it means they are prepping me to become a branch head, but for some reason, right now, I find all of this terrifying and I want to run away. And to be honest I don't really know why I feel this way.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Making My Grand Entrance

In a week I start at my new library.
Just in case my girlish glee is not enough to tip them off that I like men. I have placed this book on hold as the first book to arrive there.

I wonder if there will be any questions.

Just because something white lands on your teeth - it does not constitute a trip to the dentist ya betch!

I intensley dislike my branch head.
As many of you in the work world probably know, a good and happy work place depends a great deal upon the actions and work on your immediate supervisor.
Mine is a complete cunt.
Wow can I not stand her. At all.
First off she is bi-polar (that is my diagnosis and not hers) she is fine one minute and then angry at you for no reason the next. She does not do her job at all, leaving the work to her staff, but then gets angry if we do her work for her, but also gets angry if we do not do her work for her.
She will be a complete bitch one moment, but then answer the phone and be all smiles and love. I hate that, she is so two faced. I am curious to see what she says about me when I am gone.
She takes bows for work that other staff members have done, she files quarterly reports where she says she has done things she has not, and she dressed completely inappropriatly for the library.
Recently though she has taken to making up appointments that she has to go to. The dentist, the doctor, her avon lady, you name it she will use it as an excuse to get out of work early and not return. And what is she really do? She is meeting her extra-marital affair.
Yes my dear brancy head is cheating on her husband. And not subtly, and not even nicely. I called in sick on monday as I had an extreme allergic reaction to something. She flipped out because she had a dentist appointment, but she refused to allow another staff member to switch hours with her and her go on ahead. No, no she rescheduled her "appointment" to the next day.
The next day one staff member saw her in the parking lot with her man friend, while she was supposed to be at the dentist. As soon as she saw them she stopped hugging her "friend" and got in her car, he got in his and they drove off.
honestly?! What the fuck!? This is just nonsense. If you don't like your husband leave him. If you don't like your job - get a new one. But quit lying and bringing us all down you slut!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Car Crash

As some of you may know I adore Courtney Love.
I hated her in high school and it took my best friend betraying me for me to being to really appreciate her and the depth of her song writing capabilities. That woman understands pain.
Over the past two years I have watched her weird downward spiral with much chagrin. I do not really understand what happened, nor do I want to, I did not judge her behaviour. I felt bad for her. It must be difficult to be vilified as much as she is.
However, she has returned (sort of) and has posted two of her new songs on her website and I must say I am very very impressed.
Her first solo album "America's Sweetheart" was a bit of a mess in places. I still really loved most of it, but even at times I was thinking ... what the hell? The album felt and sounded like the album that should have been recorded after "Live Through This" and not ten years later (but I do love the video for the song "Mono").
With this new stuff she has really grown I think. It is acoustic rock, very sparse and her lyrics are heart breaking.
The two songs as of so far are "Dirty Girls" and "Car Crash" and both have me captivated.
I am very much anticipating her new album