Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A revolution, is the solution

All right
so today I got gussied up in my finest charcoal grey suit. I had a crips white shirt on and I went off to my job interview at the Earth Sciences library, which for some reason was held at the Gerstein science library. The interview went smoothly, I answered their questions well and I think that although I did not sparkle that I was able to reflect the light (since I was unable to cast it). In other words i said nothing original but I gave good solid answers that clearly established by abilites and diligence to the library community. Sigh.
ANd it was over in less then 15 minutes, I neither feel good or bad about the whole situation, I kind of hope I get it cause then I will have some great library experience but at the same time I kind of want to see what else may happen. But right now i am so tired from starting to move.
I got the keys to my apartment and I took over three loads of stuff (mainly kitchen) and I am now at work and am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. I can not believe that Nic and I willbe doing about 10 loads of laundry tonight and taking them to the new place. I am soooo worn out. I want to cry. But I must do this. The more I get done now the sooner it will all be done and I can move in and not be in that horrible apartment anymore. The best part is all the light and the balcony and the closets and everything. So far I love this apartment.
All right i must go and do something productive.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Right Between the Eyes

All right
I am sorry that is has been forever but you know how it is. I am done school (still) and am getting ready to move. I hate this whole moving thing in general and moving to get out of bed bug city and to rid myself of bed bugs is no fun. There is so much extra work involved in this it is just ridiculous. Like tommorrow is laundry night where I will be washing everything that I own (that has not already been taken to the dry cleaners) in a laundromat and then taking it to the apartment. So all my clothes will be clean and bed bug free and I will be broke. Sigh.
I am determined that these horrible blood sucking insects will not travel with me. Both for myself and the other residents of my new building. I can not wait to move, my apartment is so cute and will be even cute once I live there. Sigh and some more sighing.
So I have a job interview tommorrow, the first of possible many or it may be the last of many. So far I have had a pretty good track record in interviews and getting jobs so hopefully my luck will continue. It is a contract for a one year reference position at U of T, but once I get my foot in the door I may be able to stay here and at least it will be great experience. But we shall see.
All right kids, talk to you later.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Oh just twist it make a point and stick it in!

I have decided that I am going to try being a slut. But I need advice on this from you blogger types. I have never been one so I don't know how, but I think that it would be important to my development. So how do I just become a meaningless sex object?

The first and most important thing in this arena is that I refuse to lower my standards. You can not fuck the unfuckable. You just can't. (or at least I can't) So how do I get the guys who are up to my standards to sleep with me? (by saying sleep I mean have sexual intercourse, just so we are clear on that)

I have never been good at meeting boys but I have noticed that of late I seem to be atracting more of them. This is a good thing. Several cute boys who are in my standards range have approached me at the different places where I work and hit on me. And I liked it! I really really liked it and I want more. Like names, phone numbers, their genitalia rubbing up against me somewhere (hell anywhere really - no its okay go ahead and stick it in my eye. I don't mind. Just do not ejaculate cause I bet that would hurt)

So here is what I need advice on. How do I approach boys in that oh so natural way that you are supposed to do so. You know what I mean. The be yourself thing. I always find that difficult. And if you're not attracted to them but they are still in your range of amicable standards does it make you shallow to just sleep ( you know what I mean) and then toss them aside?

And what happens when we have two of the same sexual position signs in bed at once (you know top and a top, bottom and a bottom - why can't everyone just be versatile? Huh? What is wrong wit y'all?)

And the final question is, where do we go to meet these boys who are in my age range (late 20's) and are cute and willing?

Thank you in advance for the advice.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hold me but don't ever reach me

All right kids
I am sorry for the lack of posting but well my life has been hell. Hell!
I am now officially done school. Drum roll please! It has taken a lot out of me and I am ready to cry but I did it.
No more library school for me, I am officilly a librarian/information specialist. Oh I feel doors of employment opening for me.
So I am proud of myself for that.
Unfortunatly I have not had time to think up my usual rants on life and stuff because I am going through one of the most amazingly bad times in my life that I can recall. So I am sorry. I have lots of things i want to say, but no clarity to say it with.
Please bear with me on this.
As for today all I can say is: "who the hell invented those scrunchies that look like hair? Huh?"
what the fuck is that all about? Today I saw one and all I could think was: that is horrible! And i meant it. They are truly bad, and if you are going to wear one at least get one that matches your brassy dye job. Tsk tsk, if they can make em so ugly you think that they could make em look like bad dye jobs.

So I am going dancing tommorrow night at Buddies for any of you that want to come out and celebrate my victory against academia. I am such a geek.