Saturday, April 25, 2009

A tale that is embarassing (but yet I share)

I got my prince albert piercing redone about 2 months ago.
Originally I had one before for about 3 years but I foolishly decided to upgrade to a 2 gage and the thing started to migrate which was terrifically painful and I decided to take it out.
With Monster Squad away and no sexual activity going on I decided that it was a good time to get it repeirced as I missed it. So I went through the whole torment of getting it peirced. Which is really not that bad.
However this time it has decided to develop a keloid. (keloids are excess scar tissue from your body trying to heal to quickly) I am prone to getting keloids but I did not get one there las time so I assumed the same would be true, not so apparently. And because this is a different kind of tissue the keloid is really painful. The only way to get rid of a keloid is to apply different pastes and ointments to it. The most popular being sea salt, crushed up aspirin made into a paste and tea tree oil.
So that is what I am doing. However it seems weird to me no matter what I do that I am sitting, holding my penis for 10-15 minutes with an aspirin paste, sea salt paste, or tea tree oil or a combo (I like to shake things up and see if any combination is more effective at reducing it - so far they all seem to be about the same). The other delightful thing about a keloid in that tissue is that they take much much much much much longer to dissolve than with other tissue such as ears or nose.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shake that groove thang (somebody otta hose her down)

This is a post of randomness.
I am annoyed at work today because I want to spend money from my budget - which I am in charge of and supposed to spending from. But have been told that what I want to spend is too much. This is money to be spent on a program which I was told I HAD to have. I do not want to do this program at all, I think it will fail miserably. I want to spend the money to get things to ensure some sort of success. Now I am told that I am spending too much and can we not do this some other way? Ummmm - no. This is the way I want to do it, this is what I want to spend. You are making me do this and so therefore you should suck it up since I am fairly certain that my way will ensure some sort of sucess and that your way is gonna once again be an embarassing failure.
I am totally digging the TV show "Reaper" I dunno why, it is usually not my thing but I am completely in love with it.
I had to fast last night for blood work this morning. I hate that. I dunno why. I just do. I don't mind going and having the blood taken, I hate the having to get up, not have anything (so I am bitchy, groggy, mean spirited and cranky since I have not had any caffeine or gym) and just show up to have a needle stabbed in your arm. Surly there must be some other way to do this?
On saturday I wrote a final for my microeconomics course. I was not a fan of this class. I was not looking forward to this class at all, I hate anything remotely math based. However, I felt the same way about accounting last summer and that class rocked (mainly cause of the prof) so I was trying to have a positive attitude about micro. Class did not rock. Prof did not rock. Hated it. Stupid. And the final was cumulative and worth 60%. The final was a lie, it focused on 3 chapters - oligopolies, monopolies and perfect competition. There was nothing about tax, business start up, imperfect competition, or anything else that I had studied.
Now I hate this prof. Even though he did shake my hand as I was leaving.
And that is about it for the moment.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Panic! (at the library and the school)

Sooooooo things have been very hectic as of late.
Monster Squad has returned which is a bit of an adjustment for the living arrangements - the bed is no longer ALL mine.
Work has been crazy super busy, my manager knows that she is losing me soon to a new contract (yet to be determined) so she seems to want me to fulfill all the goals and objectives of my position for the year before I leave at the end of May. Not much fun for me as I spend my whole day running around, doing outreach, collection development, weeding, school visits, book selection committee, staff meetings, staff trainings, meetings with the city about the YYC development project (York Youth Coalition) dealing with the public when I am in charge (which is happening at a frequently alarming rate), and well all the other millions of things she throws at me.
And then I have school. I am taking Microeconomics at Ryerson and normally I have enough time in my work week to read my chapters and keep on top of things. Not as such this semester so in a week and a day I have to finish reading my textbook (3 chapters left) and then re-read my textbook, make notes, do the online help quizes and basically now all this stuff for next saturday so I can pass the stupid course. I have wisely decided to take the summer off from academia before I attempt my last course - the dreaded statistics. (I shudder even as I write that).
And to make matters even worse for some reason my emotions are crazy all over the place. I don't know what is happening to me but I am feeling so discombobulated, vulnerable and at times emotionally crazy that I think I no longer know who I am.
I feel bad for monster squad as he has to put up with the emotional idiocy that is myself these days. Add all the stress of work, school and the uncertainty of life and well . . . I need a vacation or something to rehabilatate me to some semblance of normalcy.
And to top it all off, my stress levels are so bad that my immune system is weak and I keep getting sick. I had the flu for a week, then a cold and now I am working on my second cold. Lucky me.