Thursday, April 09, 2009

Panic! (at the library and the school)

Sooooooo things have been very hectic as of late.
Monster Squad has returned which is a bit of an adjustment for the living arrangements - the bed is no longer ALL mine.
Work has been crazy super busy, my manager knows that she is losing me soon to a new contract (yet to be determined) so she seems to want me to fulfill all the goals and objectives of my position for the year before I leave at the end of May. Not much fun for me as I spend my whole day running around, doing outreach, collection development, weeding, school visits, book selection committee, staff meetings, staff trainings, meetings with the city about the YYC development project (York Youth Coalition) dealing with the public when I am in charge (which is happening at a frequently alarming rate), and well all the other millions of things she throws at me.
And then I have school. I am taking Microeconomics at Ryerson and normally I have enough time in my work week to read my chapters and keep on top of things. Not as such this semester so in a week and a day I have to finish reading my textbook (3 chapters left) and then re-read my textbook, make notes, do the online help quizes and basically now all this stuff for next saturday so I can pass the stupid course. I have wisely decided to take the summer off from academia before I attempt my last course - the dreaded statistics. (I shudder even as I write that).
And to make matters even worse for some reason my emotions are crazy all over the place. I don't know what is happening to me but I am feeling so discombobulated, vulnerable and at times emotionally crazy that I think I no longer know who I am.
I feel bad for monster squad as he has to put up with the emotional idiocy that is myself these days. Add all the stress of work, school and the uncertainty of life and well . . . I need a vacation or something to rehabilatate me to some semblance of normalcy.
And to top it all off, my stress levels are so bad that my immune system is weak and I keep getting sick. I had the flu for a week, then a cold and now I am working on my second cold. Lucky me.


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