Monday, December 29, 2008

top ten songs 2008

Here are my top ten favourite songs of the past year.
In no particular order:

The Ting Tings: That's not my name (I love this song, the drum beat - the listing of all the different stereotyped names for women - a sort of feminist song that you can still dance to)

Juliana Hatfield: The Fact Remains (this song works on so many levels, the methaphors of breaking up, the violence, the emotions, and how it all changes you)

Manda Rin: Less Than Zero (a great dance song about how we starve and work out in order to look more attractive "less than zero for the sake of ego")

Kay Hanley: Video (this one is about how bands get sold more their marketability than their actually musicianship. "I love your video, but I will admit that your music's shit")

Patti Rothberg: After the Parade (Lovely song about her watching gay pride in New York and wondering how much good it does)

Robyn: Crash and Burn Girl (Delicious dance song about a woman who never can see the emotional stupidity that she is always getting herself into)

Pulp: Cocaine Socialism (I know this song is older, but I had not heard it till this year. I love how it makes fun of the bands own fame and how it was perceived as being a sell out)

Courtney love: Car Crash (haunting ballad about someone on the verge of death and how they force themselves to keep on living)

Goldfrapp: Happiness (bouncy song about love with a esoteric video to go along with it, what else would one expect?)

Kirsty MacColl: Perfect Day (once again this song is not new this year but I had never really listened to it until this year and was amazed that it had somehow alluded my ears)


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