Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fruit Machine

I passes accounting!
I am very proud of myself.
That had to be one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken, since I took statistics in my masters.
I like the prof, felt he did a great job of educating us.
And I got a strong C grade. So it did not alter my GPA and will allow me to finish up this certification.
I was convinced I was going to fail.
The mid-term was killer, and the final was harder. But I managed to get a B on the final which brought my mark up.
To be honest taking this class reminds me a great deal of being in my undergrad and doing all that hardcore studying at the last minute becuase you put it off all semester. However, this time I put nothing off. I sacrificed social engagements, time with Monster Squad and a whole shit load of saturdays where I could have been vegetating, to learn how to do accounting.
My taxes had better watch out next year. I may almost know how to do them.

Oh and in other news, I get to claim a huge sum of money on my taxes next year for having to buy all those new clothes to help my allergy to potassium dichromide. I like that I get a tax credit for shopping.


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