Friday, June 27, 2008

I am apparently a fundamentalist

I was just insulted by a patron who said I was a fundamentalist since the library has a policy that the catalogue computers are to be used for library materials. Library materials include our kidspace website.
This man was irate that a small boy was playing a word game on the computer. A word game that TPL created and endorses. This man felt that the child should not be allowed to play games on the card catalogue computer.
I told him that the child had every right.
I then told him that I can place the holds that he wishes to place. He said that he had to do it himself.
I logged onto the master computer to find out what it was that he was placing on hold that is so secretive.
And I find out that it is nazi propagana and information about the second world war.
And how am I a fundamentalist?


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