Friday, April 04, 2008

Location, location, location

I interviewed over a month ago for a service specialist contract at the Parliament Branch.
I kept waiting to hear and heard nothing so I assumed that I was going to be finishing my Albion contract and then heading back to Alderwood for a brief stint before heading out on another contract.
But hurrah and hallelujah!
I got the service specialist position.
Which means I get a new job to do. I get to do collection development. I get a pay increase.
And best of all it is within walking distance.
6 months of walking to work, how happy am I?


At Saturday, 05 April, 2008, Blogger graymama said...

Congratulations!!! :-D

At Sunday, 06 April, 2008, Blogger Brice said...

Six months of walking to work is good. Six SUMMER months of walking to work is better. Six SUMMER months of walking to work close to home with a raise is best!

At Sunday, 06 April, 2008, Blogger emily said...

GO YOU! I am so very happy for you. And walking to work will be so nice! YAY!

At Sunday, 13 April, 2008, Blogger Snooze said...

That is fab news!


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