Saturday, January 30, 2010


I recently had the fantastic experience of viewing the film Daybreakers.
This film which is the follow up to the 2005 New Zealand film Undead by the Spierig Brothers is magnificent!
Undead was a very good film which managed to incorporate two seperate genres (zombies and aliens) into one film. Daybreakers is a more political look at the oil crises and how humanity is an endangerment to itself.
This poignant film takes place in 2019 after a pandemic has changed most of the world into vampires. Human beings are the only food source and without human blood vampires turn into sub-siders (think the vampire in Nosferatu) and not productive workers in society.
The main character is a head hemotologist trying to come up with a blood substitute as the world is being plunged into a severe blood shortage. Humans are like stock and have been placed in blood letting companies where they are kept alive and harvested for the world blood supply. As the supply dries up the owners of the stock take their humans back for their own use.
Enter a group of renegade humans who have found a cure for vampirism. They enlist our main character to help them perfect the cure, which they stumbled upon by accident. As the food supply is running out this could go either way.
The government is after this group of humans both to stop them and their cure, but also as caught humans they can be used to help alleviate the blood supply shortage.

This film kept me up all night thinking. It has so many powerful, emotional elements that it is difficult to label this movie. It is marketed as a horror film, which it kind of is - but it also isn't. It is definitly political, but also quite beautiful in the same way that Night of the living dead is beautiful in terms of analyzing the race agenda. No one is safe in this society, the fact that most humans became vampires has put an end to population growth in many different ways. Vampires cannot breed and humans are an endangered species.
Tragic flaw, human nature kills.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gum Grafting - Round 2

I went to my periodontist today to have my gum graft looked at as it is supposed to be healed by now.
Apparently I heal beautifully and the graft took "remarkably well" - yeah for me!
Now I have to have my second round of gum grafting which is going to be in February. Boo for me.
It is not the most unpleasant experience I have ever encountered, but it is also not the most fun one can have on a day off.
However, there will be no root erosion for my teeth. No way.
Yet - the sad part, I thought that I had already paid for both grafts up front.

I have to still pay for the second round, which thankfully my benefits cover the majority of but not completely all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not even a slice

I miss pie.
It has been a while since I have had any pie.
And well, at work I am prepping for several retirements and have been asked to bring the desserts (even though I am at a meeting during the actual retirement parties and so will not get any dessert - which btw is going to be cheesecake).
Today I was looking at a recipe for chocolate pecan pie.
I have always wanted to try it.
However I am afraid that as my pallette has gotten more sensitive to sweet stuff that I will not be able to tolerate this delicious looking work of art of a pie.
What to do?
I think that I should have the cultural experience that is this pie.
But can my teeth and mouth and taste buds handle it?
I guess I will have to do a scientific experiment to find out.

Monday, January 04, 2010

what kind of a fucking moron are you?

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems askewed?
Not that it is a tangibly bad day, but you just know that there are probably gonna be fireants in your crotch, but you don't look - cause you know if you look they will be there? But sheer avoidance means that they will not be there. (the logic is simple, c'mon - keep up).
Well today I had an ass of a patron just unplug a computer. According to Fuckface (that is not his name as far as I am aware, but just the name I thought I would give him) the computer had froze for well over 10 seconds and he had decided to take matters into his own hand. I informed him that computers are delicate instruments and that since this one belonged to the library and not him, that he should indeed have a staff person handle the problem as it could be an I.T. thing. He did not like my attitude, he could do whatever he wished. He pays taxes you know. ho hum. No I was not aware that people pay taxes, no one ever told me that. Really? Taxes? Is that where 42% of my income goes? So that I can pay to have the library buy a new computer cause you just fucked that one up buddy? Well isn't that a fine how do you do?
The man gives me a dirty look as he realizes that the computer is not going to work. Was it just broken? Or did his unplugging it while still running cause the issue? I guess we will never know.

And then I have what appears to be a patron with two seperate accounts. A Dan and a Danny. Easy enough, just stop the one account. No! Wait! Not that easy - Dan and Danny are twin brothers. What kind of moronic fucking parent names identical twins essentially the same name? Why not just call them Hey and Hey you, cause really is that not what the situation is going to become anyways? Dan and Danny? Really?
Seriously? As a parent I would reconsider, not only is it going to make teachers lives hard, but what about government records? Credit cards? Banks? Etc - they have the same fucking birthday and essentially the same damn name, I hope one of them is not evil cause then dan/danny is gonna be up a certain shit creek without a certain instrument.
I would go to the bathroom now, but I don't want to find those ants.