Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More whining about the library I work at (or: going to the library to check my email while drinking is very refreshing)

A disturbing trend has begun at my branch.
Patrons trying to drink alcohol while in the library.
Last night a gentleman was waiting for a computer and was enjoying a delicious smirnoff ice.
When I approached the man he immediatly informed me that it was not a cooling libation, but an italian soda.
I pointed out that the bottle clearly said Smirnoff Ice.
He said that he had poured the soda into the bottle for easier travel.

uh huh

I then asked to smell the bottle. He told me it was indeed an italian soda pop.

I asked to smell the bottle again. He told me it was italian soda.
I said if it was soda that I should be allowed to smell it.
He got irate and said that he would go outside to finish the drink. He then chugged the bottle as he made a 360 toward the front doors and then to a free computer. I guess he can multi-task with his "italian soda"

Then this morning a patron was sitting at the same chair waiting for a computer enjoying a nice foreign beer.
Yes indeed. A nice cooling satisfying beer at 9:30 in the morning.
When I informed him he could not drink beer in the library he said that it was not beer. I wondered what kind of italian soda he had.
I asked him what it was.
He told me it was just a soda.
I asked to smell it.
He got irate.
I told him to leave.
He said he wanted to check his email first.
I told him to go outside and finish his "soda" and then he can check his email.

I don't understand why all these people want to drink at the library. It's not like they work here. I mean if it was a co-worker I could turn a blind eye, but a patron. I am legally bound to tell them to stop enjoying themselves.

Not so manic now

I managed to survive pride and canada day.
I have no idea why but the two events really mess with my emotions.
I have never been one of those people to find some sort of unsolicited emotional response in a holiday. Most of the time for me, it is a day just like any other day.
However, for whatever reason this time around I found the whole ordeal very trying and exhausting.
I thought it was all relationship stuff.
But then the holiday passed and almost instantly I felt a relief.
I mean that there is still relationship stuff, but I think that is a diversion.
To be honest pride really bothers me. I find it all too commercial and about youth and beauty and it generally leaves out the majority of the people who are supposed to be celebrating it. It alienates them and gives them these stereotypes to either hate or live up to. Which to me always begs the question: "proud about what exactly?"

And well usually on Canada Day I am at the cottage with my friends. This year there is to be no cottage since I told the family I am gay and well, they really don't care for it. I love the cottage, but I am not willing to compromise who I am just to be able to go. I also decided that I was doing a disservice to myself and to gay people by not telling my family the truth and at least giving them the option of learning about gay people or being exposed to a gay person.

So I guess the two holidays have more in common than I was aware. They certainly did bring me down.