Friday, June 10, 2005

Rubbing doesn't help

All right
so once again a thing that I should have done a bajillion years ago but did not do until last night.
I called it quits with Jackass. Jackass and I have been on again off again for almost four years now. I can not believe it, where did the time go? And while I am asking questions where the hell was my dignity all that time? I should have stood up for myself a long time ago, but alas due to fear of being alone and without some sort of love in my life (that of the gayish male variety) I held on. It is sad when the thing that you love is the same thing that is holding you down.
So after a rigorous session with my Dr. Yesterday where I duscussed my conversation on Monday with Jackass, I decided that it was time to put that horse out to pasture. And I did so, with an email.
Now normally I would not do these kinds of things, unlike when I broke up wiht Matt F. over voice mail (yes i am oh so classy)I prefer to do these kinds of things in person, but sometimes you just gotta send an email. If I had done it in person it never would have worked cuase he would have sweet talked me and I would have fallen for it again and it would have just been stupid all over again. So yes, and as Mainja said "He only deserves an email" so yeah.
And in my own words: "What the fuck? What the fuck was I thinking? What the fuck were you thinking? Why the fuck did I fuck you? FUCK!"
and in the words of Ms. Courtney Love : "Sometimes you gotta throw the trash out"

Wish me luck in the world of dating.

Oh and Epi those two songs by the Cardigans are: "For what its worth" and "please sister"


At Friday, 10 June, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

be very very proud of yourself. you did a hard thing. you did it well. you rock. i love you.

At Friday, 10 June, 2005, Blogger Rob Danger said...

Courtney Love always gets me through any and all Jackassery I meet in my day to day life.


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