Wednesday, August 31, 2005

DON'T WANNA/ but I do

I miss the crim centre.
I really really do.
I have been feeling like crap for the past two days. I went and had my last shift at Robarts yesterday and was dancing up and down the stack so happy that I got to leave that place.
But I also went down to crim to see Andrea (my supervisor) and to see how she was.
I am gonna miss that place so much. This may sound strange but working there gave me a distinct impression that I fit in somewhere. I got along well with all that staff and students and I adored my supervisor. I think that that is really rare. She and I became rather close over the year that I have worked there.
Now I am looking at the database company where I am now employed and it pales in comparison.
It pays twice as much and is a official information professional position, whereas at crim I was the equivilant to a library technician (college degree). But I did such a good job there that I was given actual librarian duties to do. I was cataloguing, creating call numbers, doing reference work, and was in charge when my supervisor was not there. It actually sort of felt like my library and that it was a place I could call home.
Now the place I work at is some office where I have a cubicle (I had an actual office at crim)and all I do is index all day and am a complete stranger. No one in the office really talks to each other, they are all busy being your sterotypical anti-social librarian type.
I realise that I need to get used to the new place and to the full days, but honestly - I want a place that I feel at home in. I don't feel that there.
The other strange news is that I have a second interview at Vaughn, this is for a different position but they told me that they were very happy that i had applied for it and think that it is much more suitable for me then the other position I interviewed for. That makes me feel so happy. I hope that I get it cause I have the feeling that I will be happier.


At Tuesday, 06 September, 2005, Blogger Snooze said...

I loathe the stereotypical librarian types. But hey, money is always a good thing and it's all experience


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