Thursday, September 15, 2005

Digital Penetration

Soooooooooooo . . .
I had a screening interview with Toronto Public library last week. Now they want to "talk" to me about a full time contract position with them.
Hmmm, I am gonna call and see about the details, and maybe go for an interview if that is what they want.
But I think it is weird that I am so damn popular all of a sudden, all summer long I worried about getting a job and now it seems that I am going to have more employment oppurtunities than I will know what to do with. Sigh.
It feels good to know that I am popular cause of me and my skills. That is nice.
I guess we will see what happens.


At Thursday, 15 September, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

summer's a shit time to be looking for work. people don't hire in the summer. so, now people are hiring and seeing that you're out there and that you rock.


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