Friday, September 23, 2005

How to turn your crash pad into a castle

So I have actually started to make friends here at work, which is too bad since I am leaving in a week today. Sigh.
But this is a different story, this is one that relays why it is that I can not stay here and why the people here have no social skills.
I forgot to hand in my time sheet yesterday, I know, I know, all that whining about nothing to do and being bored and I forgot the main reason I am here - the money.
So I got to work and realised that the individual who approves my hours probably won't come in today and that I am fucked!
So I went to my in lieu supervisor and asked her what to do. This woman is not pleasant and she basically said, too bad. I got annoyed.
Then she found me and told me that B could sign it. Yeah, I get to bring two of my friends!
So I went to find B as he was trying to locate me. Now B sits diagonally across from me and I have never seen that section of the office. I am sure that it is just as ugly and cubicly as mine, but still, I had been looking for an excuse to see it.
When I ran into B I made the comment that I wanted to see his cubicle.
No B is really dull in my opinion, looks dull, talks in a monotone voice. He kind of looks like the boss from The Incredibles. But he is the only other gay man I know in the office so I have been wanting to make friends with him.
So B said - its the same as yours. But I said, it sounds so much more exciting over there - you know the grass is always greener!
And he looked at me like I was completely nuts! I am not talking a sutble glance, I am taking full out "Damn! You crazy!" eyes at me. He so did not get my joke. And now I am convinced he thinks i am a psycho.
Well lucky me that I am leaving.


At Friday, 23 September, 2005, Blogger emily said...

Dude, he sounds like a giant loser - you so don't want to be friends with him!

At Friday, 23 September, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

people are weird.


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