Friday, January 20, 2006

Scott Evil (or please don't beat me again Mr. Librarian)

I think it is hilarious when a kid comes into the library with that dear in the headlight look in their face and a pile of materials clutched tightly in their arms. I know it means that they have overdue items and they are terrified to face the wraith of the evil librarian and the overdue fines we will inflict upon them.
I think it is soooo funny to see them run in, drop of the items and run out as fast as they can.
But then there are the more sophisticated children who come in and play nice and say they are returning items for a friend. Then 15 minutes later when they go to take items out they feign shock that they have overdue fines. Apparently we the librarian did not hear that they were returning those items for a "friend". Hence, fines should disapear off their account.
My first question is what on earth do the terrified kids think we are going to do to them? Are we going to give them paper cuts and pour lemon juice on them? Or do they think we are goign to make them walk naked down the hallway of their school? Or make them jump on a bicycle with no seat?
I wonder did they have some very negative experience with a librarian who took money out of their bank account? Or who publicly humilated them so that they are now terrified of the possibility of getting a fine? Or is it the fault of the parent? Are their parents taunting them and informing them that they will be locked up in the dungeon if they have to incur the cost of one more overdue fine? Whatever the case is these kids need to chill out. (but if they do then I don't get to laugh at them)
And the smart kids, I appreciate their cunning, but they really need to think it through a bit more thoroughly as they seem to be operating on the ideology that we still process items by hand, and we don't. We are now automated and so we the librarian have nothing to do with any of your fines or your "friends" fines. It is all your fault.


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