Friday, January 20, 2006

Press start to beg

Why is it that the whitest boys in the world have no idea when they are being just plain silly. I was walking back from my kindergarten outreach program today and while walking along this younger man (late teens early 20's) drives by me in what I am assuming to be his parents Nissam Ultima while blasting out hip hop music.
The car was that delightful shade of wheat beige and the boy was dressed incredibly preppy. I could not help but laugh. I laughed right at him, he saw and heard me laugh. And well to be perfectly frank I don't feel all that bad about it.
He should be happy that his appropriation of culture was just seen as being funny to me. Cuase, well it was. I think it is hilarious when really really white boys drive around listening to hip hop pretending that they are to cool for other caucasian people, or whatever it is that they are doing.
And in other news my supervisor told me that she has talked to our regional manager about me and that she feels that I should be given a permanent position here. Now chances are I won't but since I receive compliments on a regular basis she wanted to relate to the district manager what an impact I am making here. It was probably one of the best compliments i have ever received.
So I give a shout out to my supervisor.


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