Saturday, January 21, 2006

In my mome I can't feel my blah blah

Have you ever had the experience of walking up stairs and all of a sudden in midstep forget how to walk up stairs? How sometimes you're chewing and it seems that your tongue has forgotten the pattern it is suppose to move in so you choke or bite your tongue or mouth?
I hate it when that happens.
I wonder why it is that sometimes we lapse in our abilities and have to quickly re-learn them. It is kind of like riding a bike, as soon as you start again you pretty much know how to do it, but for some reason for three or four seconds something throws off what you through was inherently your nature and you are forced to learn it again.
Perhaps this is natures way of humbling us. That it is the much needed kick in the pants that says "HEY! Stop that. You are not as cool as you would like to believe you are"
You know kind of like when you want to fart and it turns out to be diarhea, whew is that ever a humbling moment. But could it also be that these things happen so that we appreciate when they turn out the right way? That when we are able to walk up stairs no problem, or all our motor skills run just fine.
Another example would be boredom. Have you ever had days where you were at work and there was nothing to do, and you are so desperatly looking forward to your break only to go on break and realise that you are just as bored as you were before, in fact even more bored because after you drink your drink and look at the 200 year old magazines in the staff room there is even less scenery to entertain you with.
Well that is the kind of day that I am having and it sucks! But it ends in 31 minutes, Yippppeeee!


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