Saturday, October 08, 2005

Call me to book - space is limited

so here is an update on the whole job situation. First off: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

So let me explain that.
The deal is that I am second in command at my library. Yes that is right I am a librarian one and I am the head of my department. Yeah, actually I am my department. So how scary is that?
It is not so much the fact that I am a supervisor/manager, it is more the fact that I did not expect this to happen so quickly to me.
My supervisor is amazing! I have to say from the moment I met her I fell in love with her. She is fun and feisty and I think that she and I will get along fabulously.
So tuesday went so well, I knew that this was the right gig for me to get started in. And then weds was all right but I was feeling overwhelmed by the whole gig, I had training at a different library, I was tired and well it just seemed like a lot at the time. Thursday I panicked. On thursday my supervisor told me that I was second in command, and that when she was not here I am in charge. Ummm yikes! I don't know why but that just totally freaked me out.
So yesterday she and I went through the emergency procedures for the usual things - toilets over flowing, computer system down, etc and then the not so usual things - violence in the library, sexual deviants etc. That sort of freaked me out. Things that I had to deal with at planet bean but had forgotten about - or perhaps more that once I thought about them out of the context of that world they seemed sort of scary.
So today I have been in charge all day and it has been all right. I had to place a work order for the handicap button at the door, no one has yelled or freaked, I am getting the hang of the computer system, my staff (yes thats right MY STAFF - not in that dirty way you are thinking of - ewwww!) are awesome! And although I feel like I am lacking authority it is only because everyone has been here so much longer than I have or because they are at least 15 years older than me. I have to say it is tough to tell the woman who has been here for 25 years and who is in her late 50's how to do her job, but that is now what my job is.
So yeah I don't know what else to say. So far working here has been way better than anything at proquest and I have lots of responsibility and stuff, it is just sort of scary that at this point in my life I am getting what i want. I have worked very hard for this and now i am here. I am in a position that aside from it being scary, I am enjoying it and soon I get to do kids programs and other things. Sweet, but for a kid like me who is not used to getting what they want I had not thought about how it would feel when I got where i wanted to be. Now I am here and it feels good, scary - but good.


At Tuesday, 11 October, 2005, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

Glad it seems to be working for you.


At Tuesday, 11 October, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

i'm so happy for you. i love you so much.


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