Tuesday, October 11, 2005

4 Green and speckled frogs

Hey kids

now that I am a librarian I have a question for you all. What teen reads did you love when you were younger (or hell even now?)? I have to compile a list of books for our teen readers and I thought I would ask for suggestions for those books that defined or changed your life as a young adult. SO please tell me what you think and I will suggest we get it at my branch.


At Tuesday, 11 October, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

the one i remember from when i was actually a teen that really moved me was "the underground to canada" by barbara smucker.

i read a lot of trash as a teen. gordon korman and stuff like that.

my teen years were also my years of douglas adams. oh, and good omens by terry pratchet and neil gaimen (i have likely spelled both those names wrong)

these days i love teen books, sometimes they seem so much more imaginative.

so, of what i've read, i would reccomend:
- "boy meets boy" by david levithan
- "the wind singer" (and likely the whole series, although i haven't had a chance to read the second and third yet) by william nicholson
- "inkheart" by cornelia funke
- "the last unicorn" by peter beagle
- "haroun and the sea of stories" by salman rushdie
- "the princess bride" by william goldman
- "the golden compass" "the subtle knife" and "the amber spyglass" by philip pullman
- "the secret garden" (might be too 'inbetween' - might be the kind of book that you need to be older or younger to enjoy) by frances hodgson burnett
- "little women" (also might be an 'inbetween' book) by louisa may alcott
- "charlie and the chocolate factory" and "charlie and the glass elevator" (also possibly 'inbetween') by roald dahl
- "james and the giant peach" by roald dahl (again, possibly 'inbetween' - god, teens are difficult)
- the narnia books by c.s. lewis
- "bridge to terabithia" by katherine paterson (assuming you're okay with your heart being ripped out and stomped on)

it's hard to think of what else, i read a lot of 'adult books'. i remember reading handmaids tale and really liking it when i was in my teens. and i loved brave new world and the chrysalids and the day of the trifids by john wyndham, and 1984 and animal farm by george orwell.

hmmm, notice a trend in my reading? *grin*

anyway, now i must sleep.



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