Friday, January 12, 2007

Circle small, gums and all

I have started to brush my cats teeth.
I am very concerned about their oral hygiene.
Well not for right now, but for future reference, you know when they are older.
My vet suggested that I start now so that it will benefit their health when they are much older.
The look on their faces when I first put the tooth brush in and started scrubbing was priceless, at times like those I wish I had a roommate with a camera to take photos as my little darlings had this combined look of horror, astonishment, and surprise. (but in a super cute kitty kind of way).
It has been three mornings of brushings now and Johnny has accepted that this is gonna happen and puts up little struggle. Gloom Cookie however acts as if I am about to kill him with the toothbrush. I am tempted to taste the toothpaste to see if it really does taste like chicken. However, I am doing positive reinforcement with them by giving them plaque removing treats right after. I can not believe that I will be brushing their teeth for the rest of our lives together.


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