Friday, March 03, 2006

That is actually not true

I hate media.
I do.
I hate ads, I hate being indoctrinated with them and being made to feel inferior for not being all abs and nipples and ripples.
But what I really hate is when they get something wrong.
I have a bone to pick and I am gonna do so right freaking now.
What the fuck is it all about when the movie posters state that someone "IS" the character they are portraying in a film?
I have noticed this little ad thing for a while now, but it has really started to bug the fuck out of me lately.
For example in the new "The Pink Panther" movie (which is an truly redundant remake in my opinion) why does the poster say "Steve Martin is Inspector Clouseau"?
Did Steve Martin change his identity to make this movie?
Did his birth certificate read "Inspector Clousea"?
Is he just that much of a committed method actor?
I don't get it.
The same as the remake of "The Shaggy Dog", am I really to beleive that Tim Allen IS the shaggy dog. Did he have some sort of special procedure to get that title. Is it not really special effects but some sort of magical scientological transformation that we normal people are not allowed to do. Does hollywood lie about how much their film making costs and what is really involved?
And if a poster does not say that someone IS someone in the film, does that mean that their character is less genuine or that their acting is less beleiveable?
Or is this some sort of trick to make the movie going audience believe that they are actually seeing a stellar performance when it is really only so so. That if they tell us that Steve Martin is so convincing that he became his character, well fuck that must be a good ass movie.
Well I am not buying it.
It is not true.
Tim Allan is not able to become a dog.
And if anyone is Inspector Clouseau it is Peter Sellers.
Fuck off Hollywood.
I hate you.


At Friday, 03 March, 2006, Blogger Heather Isabela said...

here, here, muchacho!

sometimes, it would be good to be blind...then we wouldn´t be distracted by absurd language!


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