Thursday, February 23, 2006

That is not a toy!

I am still depressed.
And I was unsure as to whether or not I would go to work today. I feel very lost.

However my cats did something that cheered me up and made me realize that there is happiness and joy in the world.
Last night they awoke me in the middle of the night playing with something. I knew that it was not something they were supposed to be playing with, but I was not about to haul my ass out of bed to see what it was.
When I awoke I had forgotten about it, so I went to the gym and came home and when I was feeding them I saw my friends douche bag sitting on the floor under the table.
I cracked up.
I was about to scold my little morons, but then decided that since they had provided me with something to cheer me up that I would forgive them (and besides douche bags are just funny).
So that made me feel a little better and it made me think that the universe was watching out for me and wanted to give me a funny.


At Thursday, 23 February, 2006, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...


At Friday, 24 February, 2006, Blogger Snooze said...

I'm embarassed to admit this - but I don't actually know what a douche bag is. It's just a term I called everyone in grade school. So is it literally a bag that douche comes in? Was that in your garbage? Did the kitties drag it out?

At Saturday, 25 February, 2006, Blogger Heather Isabela said...


At Sunday, 26 February, 2006, Blogger Snooze said...

You know... I think I answered my own question. This post enlightened me, but I would have been horrified by my kitties instead of having a smile like you did - good for you! That's one of the reasons you're so great.


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