Saturday, February 04, 2006

Of Mice and Mental

Another exciting Saturday at the library. This could kill me.
One of our staff is on Vacation so I am in charge of everyone, this includes the pages so I am currently busy trying to make sure that they all have work to do. This is tougher than you think.
So I am watching them, making sure they are busy and fulfilled as library drones, but I still have to do my work and plus we are one staff member short behind the desk and of course today is the busiest day that I think I have ever experienced here in my life. EVER!!!!!
I have never seen so many people taking out books, returning books, asking me questions, wanting to photocopy stuff. Asking me why? Why? WHY?
Well I don't really freaking know.


Then to top it off a leak has developed in the roof right behind the circulation desk. So I have had to deal with that, so at least I have done something new at the library as a manager that I have never done before. So I guess that makes me a good manager/supervisor or something. I dunno.
At least I get to look forward to my surrogate wife moving back in with me for a month, sigh oh wedded bliss here I come.
Oh and right now we have the Shakespeare for kids program going on downstairs, and holy fuck are those kids loud. LOUD!!!!! I never knew Willie could sound so much like noise and not verse.
Save me.


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